In general, they're annoying, but a really good car commercial can get a car nut's heart racing, office drones talking at the water cooler and Facebook folks "liking" it by the thousands. At the 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, an advertising competition known as The One Show presented its top 10 TV car commercials of the past 25 years. The winners were chosen from a list of One Show winners of the past 25 years, plus ads nominated by a panel of 75 judges composed mainly of ad-agency creative directors. Here we present those winners in order from No. 10 to No. 1, plus a Public Choice Winner determined by online voting. To see all 60 nominees, visit

10. 1994: Jeep, "Snow Covered"

Advertising agency: Bozell Worldwide/Southfield

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9. 1999: Volkswagen, "Milky Way"

Advertising agency: Arnold Worldwide/Boston

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8. 1998: Volkswagen, "Lamp Post"

Advertising agency: BMP DDB/London

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7. 1997: Nissan, "Toys"

Advertising agency: TBWAChiatDay/Los Angeles

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