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15 most boring cars money can buy15 most boring cars money can buy

Suck the verve right out of your drive with these yawn-inducing rides.



Mar 28, 2014 2:45AM
MY ONLY COMMENT WOULD BE:  why is the bottom of the barrel diesel costing SO MUCH? The good ole boys are really sticking to ANYONE who owns a diesel vehicle.....including myself (3 trucks). I know, I know, I have heard this before....BUT WAY BACK WHEN...diesel was 50% less than gasoline. Diesel is the last fuel from the production and leftovers from gasoline.
Mar 28, 2014 4:06AM
The difference between driving a gas car and a diesel car getting 10 or more mpg is only a couple of hundred dollars a year because the diesel fuel is so much more per gallon. Then if the diesel drivetrain is at a premium, say 3000 dollars more for the vehicle and you save 200 to 300 dollars a year on fuel the payback is 10 to 15 years. The other day I filled up at a gas station selling gas at 3.34 per gallon and the Diesel sign was 4.20. Think I will stick with gasoline for a while.
Mar 29, 2014 12:30PM
Well the "America" auto industry showed the industry their greatness. Two offerings and the rest are German. 
Mar 28, 2014 7:14AM

Go to Europe and drive around in their diesels. Quiet,great fuel economy,great performance, and cheaper diesel prices. The price of diesel in the USA is killing us.Look at the prices of deliveries.

You can"t import one of these cars to USA. Somehow they won"t pass our standards. Then look at the emission standards in Germany. See if your gas American car will pass there.

We have too much control from the oil companies and the Government red tape.

Let"s build the Keystone pipe line and more refineries.We just might get America back on track.

Everything we buy is hinged on fuel prices. Look at the oil companies that support our politicians.

Look at BP petroleum that donated millions to Obuma. And who is against the keystone?

OBUMA and all the liberals. They want us to be a slave to OPEC and the Arabs.

Mar 30, 2014 10:17AM
I love the new turbo diesels, they make so much sense in terms of reliability and lower fuel mileage. The only reason I don't own one is that the fuel is so much more expensive to buy. I know it is way cheaper to produce, so it should be cheaper to buy - but the Feds love to tax commercial fuel so much that it makes it cost prohibitive for the average middle class citizen to own and drive diesel cars and trucks.
Mar 22, 2014 8:47PM
i need to know which one is better, diesel or gas engines in terms of maintenance cost and reliability?

Mar 22, 2014 6:24PM

I had the 328D as a courtesy vehicle in loan for 3 days, did the Silicon Valley commute twice in 7AM and 5PM rush hour and it returned an astonishing 42.5mpg, made me think about trading in my 335i for a moment, only for a moment

Mar 28, 2014 4:57AM
I've owned a diesel truck since 2003 and I wouldn't own anything else.  I'm sure the diesel powered cars are fine too.  Be smart and switch to a diesel engine.  My truck gets 25 mpg in town and much more on the highway.  Diesel fuel burns cleaner these days because of the government regulations to reduce the ppm's of Sulfur over the years.  I used to work in a refinery for years and witnessed these new diesel regulations taking place.  It's a great fuel.  Much better than gasoline.  One thing most people don't know unless you worked in refining, but the lubricity level is higher in diesel fuel.  This means that diesel fuel lubricates the engine while driving along with the diesel engine oil.  By comparison, gasoline washes off pretty quickly so the lubricity level is lower.
Mar 22, 2014 9:06AM
And Mercedes, put that 2.1 liter in the C-Class and CLA.  Some of us don't  want an SUV of any size, and neither need nor can afford a sedan as large as the E-Class.  A CLA250 BlueTec would be a perfect fit.
Mar 30, 2014 2:19PM
I rent Diesels cars when I am in Europe form 5 to 8 weeks. These cars get 75-80 miles per gal. What gives with US diesels only in the 30- 40 mile per gal?
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