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Happy 25th birthday Mazda Miata!Happy 25th birthday Mazda Miata!

Mazda’s roadster evokes the past and future on its silver anniversary.



Feb 14, 2012 4:32AM
Forgot another one, 1967 Sting Ray 427 coupe, 6 pack, 4 gear. Iconic, and beautiful American muscle car!
Feb 13, 2012 7:00AM

Really? What happened to 69 Camaro's, 69 chargers, 67 to 72 Chevelle's, GTO's and 442's, 57 chevys, late 50's Cadillac's,32-34 fords 48-51 Mercury's. I can go on but whoever picks these really doesn't have a clue what a man likes. stick with fashion that would probably be better for you. 

Feb 12, 2012 10:48PM
could they be any lazier about the years and models. you can't put 50+ years for one model and say they are the most desired. lets be honest the 80's needs to just go away quietly.
Feb 12, 2012 10:19PM
The poor Ferrari GTO.  Like the Corvette Sting Ray, the GTO was going to win a LOT of races on the various Sports car circuits.

But...there came the Ford Cobras, and beat them like rented mules. The follow up Cobra Coupes likewise, and also the GT40's.  Remember the Ferraris squirming?  Enzo trying to get European races to drop their points status so the Ferraris could try and win?

They're cute, but not really competitive in the day.

Feb 12, 2012 8:27PM
I continue to put more aftermarket parts on my 87 Yugo but it doesn't seem to be getting any faster!!
Feb 12, 2012 8:01PM
Are my friend and I the only ones who really dig Lancer EVOs? They may not be exotic, but they're great tuner cars and the handling...

If we had the money, we'd buy one of them over any car on that list.
Feb 12, 2012 7:56PM
this list is awful. the only car even worth it is the the shelby. what about an LFA or any supercars.
Feb 12, 2012 7:44PM
I own it ...1970 Chevelle  convertible one owner 396 numbers matching wife got it for her graduation in i guess we own it seen on mothers car wax tv show...don't want any of this new stuff...can't work on it and dealers charge you an arm and leg and the rest of your body to work on them...give me the classics...just like my wife....Happy Valentines Day Sweetheart...
Feb 12, 2012 7:40PM
It is truly a shame that whomever writes this stuff doesn't have a clue!   Come on!  " a big truck" are you serious?   What about a '56 or '57 chevy?   Maybe a '56 Tbird?   or a '62, '63, or '64 Impala?  Or a "49 or '50 Mercury?  Maybe a Camaro?   Maybe even a DeLorean?   or a '56 Ford Crown Victoria?   or even a Chrysler 300M?  If ya don't know the subject, don't write about it.
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