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Hyundai ramps up on hydrogen(© Hyundai Motor America)Hyundai ramps up on hydrogen

Automaker helps Copenhagen go carbon-neutral with ix35 Fuel Cells.

Will the electric vehicle survive?(© Nissan North America)Will the electric vehicle survive?

Right now, things look bleak for electric vehicles in the US.

Is CNG viable to power your car?(© American Honda Motor Co., Inc.)Is CNG viable to power your car?

Many alt fuels have failed, yet compressed natural gas seems to thrive.

Eco-friendly way to wash your car(© Image Source/age fotostock)Eco-friendly way to wash your car

How to keep your car looking good without hurting the environment.

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More than ever before, people are turning their attention to all things green, which includes doing their part to reduce emissions and our impact on the planet. As one of the more significant sources of pollution, automobiles play a huge role in this quest and MSN Autos Green is dedicated to educating consumers about what they can do to help. Our Green section is filled with plenty of information on emerging green technologies, articles on low-emission vehicles and even green driving tips. Read expert reviews of the newest hybrid sedans, SUVs (and even sports cars) along with commentary on emerging electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel-cell technology and even “air-powered” cars. If you’d like to make a difference, MSN Autos Green can help.


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