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Apr 14, 2011 9:18AM

"the new camaro looks more like a family car rather than a muscle car"


Carl, what kind of family car do you have?

Mar 28, 2011 3:16AM

If you want bang for the buck, what about the $25K Subaru WRX or even the $30K STi?

Apr 6, 2011 5:26AM

The original tag line was "sports cars you can actually afford" but was changed to that above.


I know why.  Using the metric from other financial articles that a car should not cost more than 40% of your annual income, the above list would require incomes between $55,000 and $210,000!


The average income in the US is about $45,000, so none of these would be affordable to the average person.


Point me in the direction of the $18,000 sports car.  Oh wait, they don't exist.

Mar 27, 2011 8:20AM

Bang for the buck??? How is it a 60 to 80 thousand dollar car a bang for the buck? Cars in the 20s ok but the rest is just crazy!!

Apr 14, 2011 9:19AM
Please...... A Hyundai Genesis, Mazda Speed3 and a VW Golf??? What Idiot would list these in the same breath with Corvette, Mustang and Cadillac as a Sports Car?
Apr 14, 2011 11:11AM
Yeah, I wanted to buy one of those...whatevers...but I can't remember where I put that bag with the spare $80k in it...oh wait, now I remember, I put it down my kids throats when they were whining about I'm just struggling my @$$ off trying to buy a tank of gas to get myself to the doctor's office...does ANYBODY know anything about reality???
Apr 12, 2011 7:37AM

I'm very fond of my Lotus. Although bang for your buck I'd probably go with the Corvette. Still have a Miata in the drive and I've owned lots of Camaro's, Mustangs, Datsun Z's


Apr 6, 2011 5:23AM

I thought this article said "affordable."  While yes, the MX-5, Genesis, Mustang, and Mazdaspeed3 are affordable, the Corvette, Elise and (really, you think that this is affordable?) GT-R are not sports cars for the every day person.


Add in costs to maintain and insurance, and most of these cars are not in any way affordable.

Mar 27, 2011 3:50AM
This has got to be the worst top 10 sports car list ever.  No matter what their criteria for choosing was.
Apr 6, 2011 10:23AM
This is retarded. Best bang for your buck??? Sports cars you can actually afford?????!!!!!????!!!! AYFS?Confused You have a 60k+ and and a 84k dollar car on this list? Thumbs downOH WOW EPIC WIN THERE !!! Mustang 22k? I call BS you can't touch them for under 25k new with a V8. An 84K buck GTR??? Eye-rollingand then you throw a GTI in the mix? The GTI I can see but there is also now way your touching a GTI for that price. Get real. A Vette and a lotus?? Smoke some more crack. I could afford 35k for a sports car but am I going to go out and spend 35k on one of these freakin cars today???? NO!!! either is the other half of the nation with a tid bit of common sense. Cars today are WAY!!! over priced. way way way way way over priced. At 35k bucks they cost almost 1/4 of the price of my house cost me last year and wont give me jack shiznit in return after 10 years. They are disposable and look like dog crap after only 5 years (of every day driving and regular care) and worth only 1/4 of what you paid for it. Very soon a fricken bicycle is gona cost you 10k bucks.
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