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Feb 13, 2011 12:24AM

Gotta love the comments on here.......of course it's the Police's fault that we speed, drive without license's, don't carry insurance for our vehicles, fail to register our vehicles, drive drunk, smuggle drugs and people in vehicles, steal each other's vehicles, run into eachother causing property damage, damage to other vehicles, injury/death and of course the general lack of courtesy for one another.


Last time I checked, police receive little to no monies from tickets they issue......most of it is spent on other things related to the public like schools and libraries as well as other sundry of FREE public programs that we as citizens get to enjoy. Police Departments, like Fire Departments, must buy THEIR own fleet of vehicles and police officers are on the road significantly more than firemen as they pull their 8, 10 or 13 hour shift in a car.


When was the last time any of us put our lives on the line for a total stranger on a daily basis, miss birthdays and anniversaries because the job requires you to be on call 24 hours a day with little to no notice, work non stop with little or no rest for days on end. When was the last time someone scrutinized every little action you made and put it on tv or threatened to sue you?


I think we forgot that police, like fire and EMT's, aren't the reason prices for cars and equipment have gone up......we as the public are. The cost of them to perform their jobs has gone up because of all the stupid things we like to blame them for.

Feb 13, 2011 7:39AM
Hey Rick, nobody is stopping you from a career change. If your life sucks that much and a police is that much better than change jobs. I think you are just another whinning liberal that would rather complain than do something about it. Maybe you should do a ride along with your local police and see how their job is. Walk a mile in another mans shoes before passing judgement.
Feb 13, 2011 2:10AM
I see all these people complaining about how the cops are pulling them over and giving them tickets and searching their cars. The last time I got a ticket was in 1977 and guess what, I was speeding. My car has never been searched because I gave them no reason to suspect that they had to. If you're going to drive like an idiot, have open cans and bottles of booz in your back seat or roll down your window and release the smell of weed, you can expect to get stopped often and rightfully so. Those cops are out there saving the public from fools like you. Grow up!
Feb 13, 2011 12:00AM
Stop your crying. Most police cars don't do the 5 years cycle and you can't compare your car to the grind a police car goes through. Not even a fire truck. State troopers put a lot of miles on cars and they should be replaced. Also police departments like us in the coast guard get funded by the work we did. The tickets they give out don't go to the police. Yeah taxes go to fund the police (which the police pay also). If your police department so how gets under funded one year that means the area is super safe and people follow the law or the department ain't doing the job. I want my police driving good cars. Sometimes I wonder why people become police officers and firemen when the public cry and complain until they need one. We all know most people wouldn't do the job. Stop crying.
Feb 13, 2011 6:01AM
Wow, at least do some research before commenting. Police cars are driven hard. I work 12 hour shifts and use about a half tank of gas each day. The screens to transport prisoners are pre fit.  This is why we stay with the same car models. They are expensive t replace. The rear is pre molded and hard for easy clean up. (Use your imagination here.) Its a tight fit to transport any prisoner larger than 6 foot and if they are heavy its like trying to fit a foot in a glove, only the glove is not trying to spit on you or kick the snot out of you. If a car gets to many miles on it, it goes in for repair.  If someone calls for help, they aren't calling their Aunt Gertrude. Treat people like you would want to be treated and then you wont have to see us.
Feb 13, 2011 8:09AM
Really glad to see our cops getting new cars instead of the cars they been driving around so long they couldnt keep up with a bicycle. You guys forget what these guys do for us everyday. They protect our families from not just drug dealers and bank robbers but from child rapist, internt predators of children and people wanting to break in a steal your **** you worked so hard for. You have no problem calling them when your lifes in danger but you cus them because they took you to jail over you sack of weed. Yeah I smoke pot to and I dont want to get pulled over but I know these guys are out there doing the right thing and should be respected for such bravery. Yeah sometimes its bad timing and they take it to the extreme but you dont know what these guys deal with on a daily basis risking thier lives for complete strangers and despite what you think they dont get paid very good to do it. So you guys out there talking **** are imature and need to grow up. 
Jul 15, 2011 7:31AM
As long as they are buying American made cars I don't care what they drive. Although seeing that Dodge Charger coming after you is a bit more intimidating than seeing a Chevy Impala.
Feb 13, 2011 8:38AM

I rarely read comments on ads like this but this time I have to comment.  I am one of those "feeding at the trough public sector parasites" little ricky long shanks likes to ridicule.  I did get one of those "fat" retirements after serving 24 1/2 years wading through the crappy laws and rules the commie state of Kalifornia has inflicted on us all. After 7 knee surgeries and passing out after a little bout with vtac the doctors said I could'nt play anymore.  It's not like the movies, if you play hard you get hurt, and the injuries pile up just like any athlete will tell you.   Like most people who have never strapped on a black and white to their butt for 10 hrs a day, most of you have no idea why cops get paid what they do or what the job is all about.  I have gone to enough calls where the "rickys" of the world tell me how they could do my job better or will make sure I will never do my job again.  Well rick,  crawl out of your mommies basement and do some research before you spew forth anymore of your opinion as fact.  But I digress, this is about LE cars.  Do cops need new cars?  Always.  Why?  They get worn out really fast due to being campaigned 24/7.  Worrying about mileage is a legit concern because fuel is expensive.  But,  letting the guy who just robbed your wife get away just because he stole a faster car is hard to swallow for all of us.  This could turn into pages of unnecessary rhetoric on what the job is all about, policies, costs, the stupidity of the legislature each time they make a new intrusive law based solely on a knee jerk response to some constiuents.  Basically,  a cops car is his office.  It's a little bit bigger than a hall closet in the average home.  He takes his office out in pouring rain or 110 degree heat.  He is expected to perform miracles in minutes for problems that most people took decades creating.  Sorry, we don't always fix everthing perfectly.  There are some people out there who should not be wearing the badge.  Again, we only relfect the communites we come from.  It's a job full of **** that has a decent retirement and benefits.  You will be injured at some point in your career, and like I said, if you play hard, you will get hurt more frequently.  So, ricky, sorry we are not perfect for you but take a deep breath and get over it.  (wasn't long shanks that **** king in Braveheart? So rick, are you the **** king or a pretend Braveheart?)

Jul 15, 2011 4:39AM
These cars are fun and all but what bothers me is that some law enforcement units are getting a lot of extra money for gadgets that they do not particularly need while other law enforcement in other parts of the country are shutting down their police force due to budget cuts. Does this make any sense????
Feb 13, 2011 5:22AM

 I must say what a sad state of affairs. When a speeder kills a family member we say those damm cops should have been doing there job and this would have never happened. But when a cop does traffic enforcement they call it a speed trap. So when someone beats the tar out of a spouse and gets arrested we can say that is a Domestic Violence trap. If a person robbed a local store and your family member was shot in the robbery and the simpleton cop as some refer to gives chase would you want him to have the tools needed to catch the bad guy or screaming down the road in a **** box. If the cop dies in the wreck it's another cop that has to tell that his family member that he lost his life for 27,000. dollar salary not a citizen. Some things are just necessary. For anyone that really hates a cop wait till one dies spend the next couple of days with the family and his partner and attend the funeral. I am sure you will see things differently.

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