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Dec 21, 2010 7:53AM
Ah, once again the hope was flashed in the title and subscript that eager readers might actually get a mere tidbit of real and useful information regarding fuel mileage for new trucks a.k.a. "work horses" even the wording of the key word "Diesel" was strategically placed. But alas just the same old boring non information with no facts about any 3/4 or 1 ton diesel truck fuel economy figures. Could it really be because that information is a strongly guarded secret, as is the new F-150's 6 cylinder ratings for the 3.7L and eco-boost 3.5L. Statistically not that many are driving 2wd 4 cylinder Ranger pickups capable of 27 mpg. Most buyers need pickups for towing and hauling, can't afford the GM Hybrids, but want some accurate and useful data. When will this information ever flow freely and be really accurate and complete???Smile
Jan 10, 2011 5:39AM
Tell me again how bad my big old 2005 chevy diesel 3/4 ton crewcab does.  I get 20 mph on the highway and 16.5 around town.  I drove 12,400 miles on a trip to Canada and Alaska with three thousand pounds of slide-in camper on and averaged 17 miles per gallon.  Lets see you do that with any of those fuel efficient pickups you listed as best!  I have the records to prove it, too.
Jan 13, 2011 5:25AM
Sorry the ridgeline is not a truck, It's half car and a big joke - get real. Also take all the jap-anese trash off your list - when they have their market closed to us and the money from their sales go back to japan. Stop supporting the jap-anese economy and their jobs. We need the jobs here. Buy American from a American owned company. Support America not the greed.
Jan 7, 2011 5:52AM
You guy's need to check on your facts before printing these reports. The ford 150 beats the milage of most of the trucks you list.
Jan 9, 2011 7:30PM
This article is ridiculous! Most of the vehicles pictured aren't the base models being written about. The work these vehicles are intended to be used for does not lend itself to being done by a 'fuel efficient vehicle' (defined in this article how?). If you need to tow a heavy load up a hill you better have at least a V8 4x4. A four cylinder two wheel drive Tacoma or Ranger wouldn't even come close to being able to tow anything more than an empty trailer to my work location.
Jan 9, 2011 7:20PM
My 2002 Dodge 3/4 ton 4x4 diesel gets 20 to 22 mpg hi-way.  About 16 around town, it has lots of power.  I had planned to buy a new truck, when I spoke to guys operating the new trucks( 2009 and newer) they all complained about poor fuel mileage due to all of the pollution control devices on the trucks. For example 2009 F450 diesel, if you pull all of the pollution equipment off of it, the trucks screams down the road getting over 23 MPG on the highway.  The stock truck gets about 16.  All of the new pollution equipment adds thousands of dollars to the cost. So if you want a truck that gets great mileage has power for those people who need it for work get the EPA out of the way.  For now I will keep my 2002 truck purring along, and I still get better mileage than smaller and less powerful trucks.
Jan 9, 2011 5:02PM

I loved the Colorado when I had it. Lot's of power for a four cylinder and great gas mileage.


You do have to forgive the foreigners who come on these lists and start bad mouthing the US. They don't have a clue as to the actual size of this country. They should take a car ride across the US sometime. When they realize that it is farther from El Paso to Houston than it is from Paris, France to Berlin, Germany, they might get a clue why we don't really give a crap what they think. We could close our borders to imports, drill our own oil wells, and mine our own coal and the rest of the world would STARVE without the food we grow. We don't have to have a screwed up economy, we could have a booming economy, as soon as we stop giving a rats butt about what other countries think of us. Just like we used to. If we told the environazis to sit down and shut up we could be driving HUGE cars. (I prefer a nice four cylinder Subaru station wagon or one of the Colorados for fuel economy myself.) We have the means to do what we need to do. We simply lack the will to do it.

Jan 9, 2011 8:48PM
Ford has 5 engines to choose from and most if not all have more horse power and better fuel efficiency than all the trucks you listed in your supposed test. Get the facts strait before you write your articles.
Feb 21, 2011 8:09AM
Ttorreano,  its funny that you mention the problems with Ford transmissions, when you drive a duramax/allison combo?  I worked for a chevrolet dealership, and we had more duramax's in the shop than any other car.   I personally drive an 06 f250, over 100000 on the odometer and not a single problem.  Ive pulled trailers over Raton and Wolfcreek pass, and on trips from NM to TN with my truck.  My truck pulls the same MPG's as yours, AND it looks better.  Tell me this smarty....if Fords are crap, why the hell are they the best selling VEHICLE in the U.S. for such a long time?  Just wondering....
Jan 9, 2011 5:20PM

None of these 2wd trucks would work anywhere with snow and hills. I live in Southeastern Minnesota with lots of both. You would get ZERO traction. They are a waste of money anywhere you have 4 seasons.  You need to have 4wd for them to work. 

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