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Dec 4, 2010 3:42AM
no matter where the cars are assebled the main difference is when the chevy ford dodge cars are sold 100% of proffits go to america. when all the others are sold 100% profit goes to a foreign country. if you drive any thing but our cars your doing a disservice to our country. id rather push a ford than drive a honda.
Dec 3, 2010 11:31PM
Interesting articles about some good vehicles...but I must comment that the Ford Fusion is NOT built in the USA! It is assembled in Mexico.......I love Ford products but it is amazing that with plant closures here the US that we can't build this good vehicle here domestically.
Dec 3, 2010 11:27PM
god, now i really miss my '69 goat, or even the rambler..
Dec 2, 2010 10:35AM
It should also be noted that GM invest 650 Million U.S dollars into their Oshawa, Ontario plant to build the new Camero in CANADA!!!  Thats 650 million less dollars invested in the U.S and they even recently announced that the added 70 new jobs to that same plant, which by my calculations is 70 less jobs in the U.S.
TonyCarlos - Giving my hard earned Tax Money to FORD or GM is one thing. Giving it to foriegn owned companies like KIA or Toyota is another. We Americans have lost all sense of who we are. We bash American products first, but lead based Jap and China stuff at Walmart, and Toyota death traps. If Jap companies want money, get it from Japanese, not my American Tax money. Stop Bashing America! KIA got a minimum of 4 BILLION - It got free land, free employee training, and long term tax abatements. It did not offer these to American companies. We cant continue to give our money away to forigners like this, it is unsustainable.
Dec 2, 2010 5:17AM

Sadly in the end none of it will matter... So-called Americans have proved time and time again they will NOT support their own country. Anything foreign is good and domestic is considered bad. And I'm not hating on foreign cars, I'm just saying have some pride and support your own for a change people. GM could pay back that loan ten times over and haters will still call them Government Motors! Chrysler... well just when it became American again they sold out... again! And Ford is doing well but it's a shadow of its former self; down to just two divisions. I'm a proud American and I'll buy American... Even if the only thing left to buy is used!

Dec 2, 2010 2:14AM

It is hard to look at a GM or Chrysler car without thinking of the billions of dollars lost by old GM and Chrysler stock holders and creditors. Labor was treated favorably by the bankruptcy even though they helped drive the corporation into bankruptcy. Investors and creditors lost practically everything, while I don’t think that the unions actually had any capitol invested in the old GM and Chrysler. Now the government gets to tell GM what cars to make. Thank goodness Ford is making good cars and prospering without government support.

Jan 5, 2011 3:42AM
only in America will people go to such great lengths to proudly support buying a foreign owned/made product and will arrogantly (feel their ideology is superior) spout off from the mouth about it.

I would have 0 problem buying Japanese imports if our trade balance wasn't so hugely unfair... in short if they buy something from us it has to be the best and at the cheapest price. However like many who have posted we will gladly gobble up their tin can sleds and call them superior.

The Big 3 has come along way... leave your 90's and 80's rehetoric for simpletons and for those who depend on foreign companies for a living.

Dec 2, 2010 9:30AM
Ken your $3000 figure is accurate, except it is not direct labor only.  At the time it included almost $2000/car for retireee health care and pensions due to the 500,000 GM retirees.  So the $3000 was related to labor, but they referred to the $2000 part as "legacy costs".  Toyota and co. here in the US do not have these legacy costs since they don't have a 100 year past and have been growing not shrinking as GM has with the opened market after the 60's. 

With the bankruptcy a lot of the legacy costs were handed over to be managed by the UAW and no longer show on the GM balance sheet.  This is the main reason for the new GM profitability even though sales are still low compared to 4-5 years ago.

Deadeye111 Fair enough! " What I dont get is: "tax payer has to pay for the mistake" 

Where was all this passion for Taxpayyers when billions were bing given to Toyota and Nissan to build their auto plants here in Tenn and Ky? GOP Senator Shelby ranted about the GM bailout, but he supported giving billions to Toyota when they built their plant in his state... GA gave KIA an estimated 4 billion in incentives. How many billions did BMW get to build in South Carolina?


I am tired of people bashing America. If we can give BILLIONS to foriegn car makers, why are we angry to do it for US car makers. We cant continue this bashing of America. Peace!

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