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Nov 17, 2010 4:19AM
Safety starts with the driver, not with the car.
Nov 17, 2010 2:18AM

Glad to see the new cars equipped with crumple zones..... Yes they do fold up like tin cans and plastic. Thats the Idea folksSarcastic 

If the cars did not absorb the energy from the crash then that energy would be transferred to the driver of the vehicle or our kids ridding. Kudos to the engineers designing crumple zones, side airbags,ABS,  whiplash protection headrest, plastic foam filled bumbers and accident avoidance systems in new cars.

As for you guys who feel that having a car that wont crumple (Ford Crown victoria or Chevy Caprice) is a good thing.... think about the cost of a hip replacement from a side impact or a knee replacement from a frontal crash in a panel van or a cervical fracture from some one rear ending you? No matter how big your vehicle can get hurt. What matters is the design technology with in your vehicle in the case of an accident.....  Not how big or prehistoric your vehicle is.

Nov 17, 2010 7:29AM
They got some of these wrong. I am sorry, but a " Hyundai Sonata ", a " Ford Fiesta ", or a " Honda Civic " is not any of the safest cars in America today. I have been working at the IIHS for over 6 years now. Yes, we may give some of our cars a " good " rating, but you forget we only test these cars at 40 MPH and at very low speeds. You need to think reality. At least they got a BMW 5 Series, Volvo XC60, Buick LaCrosse up there ... I personally think that : All new Mercedes-Benz models are very safe ; All new Volvo models are very safe ; All BMW models are very safe ; All new Volkswagen ( except the Beetle ) models are very safe and all new Audis are very safe. We recently just the other day got a story on a woman who was on the NJ Turnpike going 80 MPH in her new 2010 Volvo XC60 and a semi-truck going 65 hit her head on. She walked away with one small scratch on her arm. That would NEVER happen in a Honda Civic, Ford Fiesta, or a Hyundai Sonata. As the " Most Safest Car in the World , " I have to give it to the Volvo XC60. But as for the small car category, they should have went with the Volvo C30. For the family sedan category, they should have went with a BMW 5 Series, and for the large car, they should have went with the BMW 7 Series ... Believe me, some of these they listed are not the safest cars. When it comes to safety, I know what I am talking about. 
Nov 17, 2010 4:19AM
I want so much to believe that the American cars are better, but I just see too much to prove that they are still crap.  The guy who says that Pontiac G6 is the best car he's ever owned, hasn't owned a foreign car.   I rented a G6 in FL my last visit and couldn't wait to give it back.  I rode nice, but that's where it stopped.  Junk, pure Junk.  Regarding the unions and the plants for American cars:  The unions only focus on trouble makers and people who don't do their job.  The cover-up problems and the good workers get nothing but union dues.  That's the problem and it's finally smacking them back...across the face.
Nov 17, 2010 12:36AM
The new small cars fold up like a tin can. The only new cars that are well built is the Fors crown victorias. They may not be very classy looking, but not many other cars can beat a crown vic in safety. Why do you think law enforcement agencies use them? Other than a crown vic, get a truck or a good size SUV if you want to be safe.
Nov 17, 2010 4:06AM
I bought a new Sonata and it is an awesome car. The American cars I have owned have not lasted! This car looks like many of the high end cars and people who have driven with me are amazed! Great car and it was built in Alabama. The dealer doubled my warranty and I have 20 year / 200,000 mile warranty.
Nov 17, 2010 8:56AM

"auto fatalities are at the lowest they've been in 60 years"


sure cars may be safer.......but what about injuries??  Maybe better First Responder/Medical Care is the reason more people don't die??

Nov 17, 2010 7:46AM

@ milora01...


I am not sure you have all your information correct. In case you aren't aware, "USA" stands for United States of America. And we are a country you nit-twit. We are also the North American continent because we are located right under Canada and above South America which also consists of countries. How about you go bone up on your geology/ history before you try to criticize an article written by and for American's as a tool to help consumers possibly make a determination about their vehicle spending.   

Nov 17, 2010 5:18AM
Personal experience with a head on collision in a Ford taurus...this car protected me and my son from a single scratch, front end crushed, air bags went off but we were not hurt at all thanks to the construction of this car.   My confidence is in Ford for safety.   Besides it always performed terrific, was comfortable and reliable and it looked good too!
Nov 17, 2010 4:50AM
Not sure I have seen a more biased, misinformed set of comments EVER!  Nearly all the comments on this page are speculation and propaganda.  First of all the comment on the Crown Victoria is stupid as it is one of the best crash tested cars EVER!  As far as the Volkswagon comment, they are GREAT cars.  The fit and finish are spectacular and that is what MOST people judge the car quality on.  As for longevity, nearly everything built at this time has a great lifespan.  The question is how long will it take for the first rattle to appear.  As far as safety, the Americans have led the way with Ford, Hyundai has made great strides in the last few years.  I have 3 American cars right now, one is 16 years old, another is 11 and the newest one is 7 years old.  I contend, they are safe and reliable as is most cars built in the last decade anywhere.  The real question to me now is the economy, can you tolerate cheaper parts and a slightly less posh interior for putting money in our economy?  I can as I know the brands I own will last, I am proof.  By the way they are two Fords and a GMC truck.  The money spent on a foreign car goes off shore, don't we do enough of that?  Before you say they are made here now, where do the profits go?  Where do the very expensive parts profits go when they do break?  That being said, most people do not work on their own cars, I do.  The reason being and here is the real kicker, the US manufacturer dealerships in a word SUCK.  Their mechanics are generally a shaved ape and their work is subpar at best. This is a generalization and there are exceptions, but now that Ford in my opinion has surpassed the other manufacturer's in initial quality and longevity, they need to stop ruining it by having idiots try to maintain them.  The foreign cars dealerships have far better mechanics, but you do pay more and you pay more for parts.  I found a spectacular mechanic that I take things to I can't or wont do and they happen to be able to do warranty work.  This is my suggestion to any of you like a good doctor, a good mechanic can make the experience much better too.  My unfiltered, real world, input from experience.  Stop bagging on something you think is "unpopular" and look with an open mind.  The American companies have made great strides (particularly Ford), go drive one and see.  Maybe you will feel better about making the economic "sacrifice" of putting money in OUR economy!
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