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Fuel economy dips on new MustangFuel economy dips on new Mustang

2015 Ford Mustang mileage drops slightly, per EPA estimates.



Aug 25, 2011 10:48AM
First let me say I defend no one, that being said if you have an idea for a business, you work your butt off to build your business not taking a paycheck for years so the business has capitol to operate and grow and after 20 years of taking very little out your business you have a good year and want to buy
a Ferrari, Aston, or even a Bugatti, you should be able to do that knowing full well nobody GAVE IT
TO YOU. You worked hard, and you deserve the fruits of your labor. 

If you are poor sleeping on a couch, maybe you need to get up and get going doing something
to make yourself money, then you won't be so sensitive to the fact that there are people in the
world who have figured out the same thing you can, how to make an idea make them a living
and possibly a very good one if you work smart and hard at it!

There are a lot of greedy people, but there are lot of people who have worked hard for what they have, and I say if you can afford it enjoy!
Aug 25, 2011 4:27AM
Yes, as I sit in my shitty little apartment where I sleep on the couch,  I'm just dying to see all the rich people's play things. Oh, and Donald trumps one hundred million dollar jet made me wanna just run into the bathroom and do a pull job.  Geez...he's such a pompous **** lowlife!

The reality right now is that most people are struggling to get by, and some with children have lost everything and are headed toward the street. Have a heart for Christ sake! So just keep flashing all that rich play crap by us poor folk and soon you're gonna have a revolution like in Libya.  I mean, lets face it, how poor do you think Americans are gonna get before there's a backlash against the rich.  Hey, you're rich, good for you.  You're blessed. And that ten percent who actually worked for it, bravo. 
   But the silverspoons flaunters who judge people by how much money they have can suck my little white butt. Hell's waiting patiently for you.

So stinking low life media, keep pushing the rich **** in our faces and watch what happens soon....
Oh, yes, and who gives a flying rats **** about Kim Kardashians wedding? Twenty thousand for a wedding cake? Effing greed, greed, greed....
Jul 26, 2011 1:33PM
To everyone who is in an uproar about why Lotus and Porsche are on this list: PLEASE REREAD THE FIRST SLIDE OF THE SLIDESHOW.

The brands on this list were chosen by rich people who participated in a survey conducted by the Luxury Institute answering questions about which companies they think are most prestigious.

This is NOT a list of cars selected based on price -- or based on what know-it-all middle-class car geeks (like myself) think are the best, for that matter. It is a list of cars that rich people PERCEIVE to be the best.

Thanks for reading,
-Matthew de Paula

Jul 26, 2011 9:06PM

Current Lotus cars pretty much suck.  They are loud, they leak, they are uncomfortable, their radio and AC sucks, they have no trunk space, and you have to pretty much be a midget to get in and out.  The styling goes back to '60's VW dune buggies as does the fit and finish.  The only reason someone pays attention to them is because they won a few races 35 or so years ago.  Their exclusivity is limited to the fact that no one wants them as is evident by the fact that they are discontinuing sales of the Elise and Exige in the U.S. 


Prestigious?  I don't think so.


World-wide, the number one/two selling car brands of people with a net worth of over 10 million dollars are BMW and Mercedes.  Probably more than every other brand combined.


It is my opinion that this whole list is bogus. The vast majority of the super rich have never even heard of a Pagani, Maybach, Koenigsegg, Bugatti, Saleen, or McLaren.  They have likely heard of Rolls, Bentley, Ferrari, and Lamborghini, but very few know the models available.


I'd guess that this list was, in fact, made up by a bunch of over-read car nuts like myself, none of which fall in the super-rich category.  The closest thing I have to an exotic is my '09 Z06 which simply ain't!

Aug 25, 2011 10:29AM
Unfortunately, money does "Matter" to me, and most other folks these days too.  So why even bother to look at cars that those who have no problem with money can afford?  Is that supposed to make me feel better for some reason??Thinking
Aug 25, 2011 10:51AM

Well, money doesn't matter to me... I don't have any.  But I have to say that no matter what car or truck I'm in, I'd rather be on my bike. So with that in mind, I'm recommending that if you want to get filthy, but aren't rich, check out the Santa Cruz Blur LTc with full Shimano XTR. Or if you want hand-made, look at Intense's still hand-made in USA rides. Something different? Need to be on the newest wave? How about the Santa Cruz Tallboy or Intense Spider with 29 inch wheels? Want to stand out in a crowd, get the Jones Spacebike.


The great thing - or maybe bad , if you're a poser - is that in the end, no matter how good, how expensive, how rad, your bike, it's still going to be up to you to power it, navigate it to where you want to be, and when you do, you will get props for doing so. Count on it.




www . bikeskills . com


www . youtube . com / user / bikeskills

Nov 16, 2012 8:40AM
these exotic cars are nice to look at, I wouldn't want to own one even if I  had the money. I'm satisfied with my 91 toyota 4x4 pickup, bought it new and still driving it. It gets me from point A to point B just fine.
Oct 29, 2012 9:35AM
Mar 3, 2011 4:46PM
I don't see how the Lotus could possibly make it on the list.
Jul 26, 2011 7:48AM
Lotus made it cause Hennessey makes the Venom GT out of the lotus. They clame it to be a supercar that does 270mph+.
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