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15 most boring cars money can buy15 most boring cars money can buy

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Apr 5, 2012 8:53AM
The Pinto statistically had no more fires from collisions than any other car of the era. It was the media hype and the Ford intenal memo that made the story such a sensation. As a car it was pretty good, Ford sold a boatload of them in ten years and I have fond memories of my youth in one. It was dependable as dirt, got good gas mileage, handled very well and would hold a smallblock V8 while remaining below 2500 lbs. Two normal sized people could be comfortable in the front seats and they were good looking small cars that were fun to driveAuto
Mar 7, 2012 9:47AM
How can you knock the Prowler for style?  It is a beautiful car and led the way for retro styled cars.  The engine was as powerful as the v8s that chrysler had at the time.  If it were today, I'm sure it would have a HEMI.  It should have had a manual though.  It had 0-60 times under 6 seconds.  This author is an IDIOT.
Jul 19, 2012 12:06PM

Note to the reporter.  There is absolutely no similarity of a Wankle engine to the "rotary engines" use in world war II airplanes which were essentially a circle of piston's.


Google would have served you well to avoid that brain fart.

Jul 19, 2012 1:09PM

MSN does it again!  Hires another writer that doesn't know his (or her) butt from a hole in the ground!  There's a story for you.

Half of what is written above has no credence what so ever.  The other half is seriously flawed.  Some of the vehicles mentioned were never even sold in the U.S.A.  Others were criticized only by people that couldn't remember to get their oil changed.  And others, "Well, my second cousin's girlfriend's next door neighbor was going to buy one but he heard it was a bad car" of such a knowledge base.

Wise up and hire someone that knows what they are talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Apr 5, 2012 12:13PM
Author is an idiot who knows nothing about cars. Ask Jay Leno about the Corvair, ask me and 20,000 members of a Fiero forum about those. I loved my 72 Vega as well. I would like to own a prowler as well. My son and I really regret letting someone buy us out of our Corvair. Anybody seen the prices on those lately? Stick to writing about cooking or something.
Jun 10, 2012 5:19AM

Seriously!!  Hideous!!??  Then explain to me why whenever we take our 2001 burnt orange Prowler out for a cruise we turn so many heads, get so many thumbs up, have so many people tell us what a BEAUTIFUL car it is, and have been offered $100,000 for it!!!???   We live on a main road and I have told my husband that he needs to stop putting it in the front yard because it has almost caused several accidents from people staring at it as they drive by!!   We had it out just last night and I couldn't count how many people turned their heads to ADMIRE it!!!  They weren't laughing at it!!  A gentleman in a brand new Dodge Charger pulled up next to us and said "That's a BEAUTIFUL car!"  Another man in a Dodge Ram pick-up gave us a thumbs-up and then pulled up next to us and asked about the matching trailer, how many cars have that option!!??  We have had people next to us in traffic scare us because they are taking pictures of the car with their cell phones, and while we appreciate their admiration, we would prefer they drive safely!  And as for the horsepower, it has 260 and it could easily have more but when the engineers tried a 

V-8 it twisted the lighweight aluminum frame, the same lighweight frame that allows the car to exercise it's lightning fast reflexes out of the hole!!  And its  "squished headlights"?  The name of the car is "Prowler" the emblem is a prowling cat, If you really look at the car, front end low, back end high, eyes(headlights) lowered and claws extended ready to attack!  Not a "pie wedge"  as you ignorantly refer to it!!  Apparently you have no eye for design!!  And the fact that it is a limited run only increases its value!!  When they first came on the market the sticker price was about $46,000 but dealers had buyers waiting for them and they were selling as high as $70,000!!  And they are still holding their value today, with the fiberglass body and aluminum frame there is no worry of rust either, so they will always be as beautiful as the day they were built!!    Please, there are plenty of seriously UGLY cars out there to attack, but our 2001 CHRYSLER Prowler is not one of them!!  Oh, and one more point.  The Prowler in your picture appears to be a burnt orange one, which would mean there are two problems with the caption.  It can't be a 2002 because the burnt orange was only made in the 2001 model year and if the lighting is bad and the car is candy apple red it would be a 2002, they were made that year, but they would be a "Chrysler" not a "Plymouth" as our 2001 is because the Plymouth brand was eliminated in June of 2001, midway through the 2001 model year!  So in the 2001 model year some are Plymouth and some are Chrysler, but there are NO 2002 burnt orange, and there are no 2002 "Plymouth" Prowlers, only "Chrysler" Prowlers! So the next time you feel the need to insult such a fantastic car at least get your facts straight!!

Jan 11, 2012 1:47PM
I owned 3 Corvairs.  I never had any problems with them.  They did not oversteer, leak or burn oil, or create exhaust fumes in the passenger compartment.  My Corvairs all had seatbelts.  I was in a severe rearend collision and was not injured by the steering wheel.  They would go through snow like the 4x4 that I now own.  The style of the later models was well ahead of their time.  If they had continued making them, I would still be driving one and enjoying every minute of it!
Aug 22, 2011 10:24AM
Impaled the driver? Huh? If that happened with the Corvair then it happened with all the rest of the cars of that era. I've owned many Corvairs and have never once lost control of any of them. The heater did not emit any gaseous fumes, ever, and the car leaked oil only because the o-rings of that era became brittle very easily. The ones manufactured today do not leak. This is a typical unresearched article attacking a car that simply does not deserve it. In 1972 the NHTSB exonerated the car of all charges Mr. Nader leveled against it, but of course the author failed to mention that.
Jun 10, 2012 2:37AM
Personally, I wish companies like Ford & GM would bring back revised editions of cars like the Mustang II (less expensive, economy version of the big 'stang), and redesign and revamp the Pinto and definitely cars like the Chevette and Vega!  Those are well well intentioned cars back in the mid-late 70's, early 80's to be the answer for the oil embargo.  Well today we have a similar situation, except we're not being offered a $3000 solution from the auto makers.  Seems like all their solutions any more are $40-50,000 and not many can afford that!  Bring back sensibility and 40MPG cars for under $5k!!!
Jul 19, 2012 11:50AM

I had a 71 Vega coupe from 1978 til 1982. I put so many miles on it driving up and down the Calif coast and I5 to Oregon & Washington (180K) and never had a problem. It was a simple car for maintenance.... dang thing took me everywhere I wanted to go to include some really remote diving sites...Lost it to an accident while I was in Korea and really missed that car.

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