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Most extravagant cars of all timeMost extravagant cars of all time

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Oct 31, 2010 12:13PM
I have a Jeep Wrangler with a V-8 Dakota throttlebody. It has high flow LS1 injectors, Borla header with flowmast 10 series exhaust, and a reprogramed ECM. All of these external mods are on the original non dependable american built and designed engine.   Ohhh did I mention it has over 390,000 miles on it and is all original except for trans and rear differential????  My neighbor says I should get rid of my capitalist gas guzzler and buy a Prius like his. I told him "there is a place for the American 4x4 suv in our world. Some of us like to pull a boat to the lake and do other things than simply drive to starbucks or to work".  For all of us that live in the real world and have lives other than what happens at work, and like to do things with our kids other than watch them play video games on the TVs......Thank GOD for the BiG American SUV!!!!  I think I'll get a Suburban next time. My neighbor with the Prius has kids that would like to go to the lake also!!!
Oct 31, 2010 10:52AM
I have to laugh when I hear some uninformed European talking about american cars being crap. Europeans seem to like American cars. We sure sell a lot of them over there. Also when A European makes a comparison to an American car they use cars like the Bugatti Veyron to compare with an ordinary production American car. Really,,,,How many Europeans drive $2.3mill cars???  Not many,,,since most of the Veyrons are destined for America when sold!!!  And truth be known,,,most of your fabulous supercars will not last or be even half dependable if used as a real car everyday.  These supercars are fast for 20 minutes then they go home in a jet or on a trailer. Then the owner has to spend $10,000 for tires and a tune-up for the next 20-30 minutes of play. It's cool that some people have this kind of money. But these supercars that people assume all europeans drive daily are just not so. Actually it's safe to say that most of the criticisms of American cars are from some european auto geek that reads his car magazines and takes public transportation because he can't even afford a car,,, not even a cheap one.
Oct 28, 2010 1:23PM

American cars? well I have always owned chevrolet vehicle of some type now I have 2006 silverado with 96.000 miles+ and going strong, with proper maintenance and TLC it helps now as for my 1952 chevy with 1 million+ miles, well they dont make them like they use to and I wouldnt sell it for the world being x-army mechanic and engineer my loyalty is first american made and second preventive maintenance now and forever on any make or model.

Oct 27, 2010 7:23AM

Today the styling of most cars and trucks sucks. The most exciting styling was done in the 1950's. Today you can't tell one car from another until you get up close enough to see the name plate, in the 50's you could identify a car a block away. The technology of the cars today is much better, but the quality of materials is garbage, too much plastic and vinyl. Some of the best styled cars were the 57 DeSoto Adventurer, 57 T Bird, 57 Cadillac Eldorado Broughn. These cars had real class and excitement unlike the squashed eggs made today. Todays cars are more aerodynamic, but it really doesn't matter, you can't legally drive over 75mph anyway.  

Oct 24, 2010 2:06PM
The only truly dangerous Pintos were the pre '74 models because there was no rear bumper. Once government mandated 5 mph bumpers were installed the likelihood of becoming a bbq in a Pinto was much less. Even including the '71 to '73 models the Pinto's safety record was no worse than other subcompacts of the era. The fact is a 2000 lb. car will always be more dangerous than a larger one.
Oct 27, 2010 7:34AM
Untill the US auto market starts getting its materials and parts from here  we wont have the quality we had in the 50's
Oct 27, 2010 3:13AM
Scary Ugly: 2011 Mitsuoka Orochi

I kind of like it. It sure beats the melted bar of soap look most cars have now.

Oct 27, 2010 5:56AM

I think the Orochi is sweet,. The grill is a little funky I admit but the rest is slick.


Are the people who judged the looks the same sissy-boys that review Hollywood's red carpet fashion that woemn wear to the big gala's?

"And so-and-so looks just dreadful in a dress that looks like it was made from a garbage bag anfd those pearls.....gag me"


sigh.......give them a shot of tertosterone

Dec 20, 2010 4:15AM
I am no expert on cars, but when viewing the photo of the 2011 Mitsuoka Orochi, I see nothing ugly about it at all.  It gives the appearance of sleekness and speed, as well as a very modern look.  If I were younger and rich, I would own one and drive it.  I totally disagree with whoever wrote the "Scary Rides" article.
Oct 28, 2010 12:52PM
My first car was a Ford Pinto Runabout and I LOVED that car.  NEVER had a problem with it.  Great memories of my running around Hollywood in that car!
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