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Aug 27, 2012 9:16AM

60 pictures of the old timer's but not one of them a Corvette. Real old timers from Northern California will remember it was the 1957 to 1963 Corvettes that attracted the sport car fans to the races and allowed tracks like Laguna Seca to be built. Due to the SCCA insisting the cars be relatively stock they were very cheap to run and maintain. Up to 30 Corvettes would be on the starting grid in those days, and the race was always the last one of the day to keep the crowds there buying hot dogs.


When the full race Cobras appeared in 1963 SCCA put them in the same class as the Corvettes disregarding the weight and horsepower differences. When the Corvette Drivers complained they were told they could modify their cars and engines. A bearing, ring, and gasket, $65 rebuild, every 3 or 4 races in your garage became a $3000 full race motor from LA. The Corvettes on the grid dropped to 3 by 1964 along with other Marks that were followed at the track by the Owners on the road. As the Cobra was not meant to be a daily driver there was no fan base to keep people coming to amateur races which quickly disappeared.


And pictures of Mustangs as old timer racers? what a laugh 




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