MINI Coupe

MINI Coupe

While a few lucky journos have already driven the all-new MINI Coupe, including us at MSN Cars, they have done so in disguised form. But here at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the fully uncovered version makes its first public debut, just weeks before customer deliveries start. Safe to say, those looks mean that opinion is divided.

Surprisingly, the Coupe is MINI's only new car on display. We were hoping that the Paceman concept from Detroit — think a MINI X6 — would make an appearance. It has been confirmed for production and will be revealed next year.

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2012 MINI Coupe

What is it? The fifth model in the modern MINI line is the first mainstream 2-seater coupe in its history. It's the sportiest of a driver-focused lineup but draws heavily from today's cars, despite a new Cooper being less than two years away.

What's hot? We love how MINIs drive, and the world debut of the Coupe here at Frankfurt thus pleases us.

What's not? While distinctive, the MINI Coupe's blend of unusual roofline and stock MINI lower end does not convince all. The interior, despite 2-seater cool, is disappointing; it was taken almost without change from the regular MINI Hatch.

How much and when? The MINI Coupe is already on sale, despite this being billed as its world debut. Prices start at $26,000.

MSN Autos' verdict: MINI is saving the fanfare for its new range of cars; there's little new to see here.

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