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Everyone wants to drive off a dealer's lot in their new car, truck or SUV without any reservations, at ease in a relationship that will last for 200,000 hassle-free miles, or more. Mechanics, on the other hand, hope for a very different scenario. They want you to pull up to their garages in smoking heaps that will cost big bucks to fix. A dependable, reliable vehicle is just bad for business. To help you find a trusty steed, we've turned to a couple of experts — Consumer Reports and the mechanics who slave in the trenches every day — to identify the five rides that'll keep you on the road and out of the repair shop.

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Toyota Yaris

Consumer Reports dependability rating: 80 percent above average

The Toyota Yaris is the best-performing ride in Consumer Reports' 2010 Annual Dependability Survey, the bible of reliability. According to Consumer Reports, the Yaris has one-fifth the problems of the average car in its sampling. Kenny Tran of tuning specialists Jotech in Garland, Texas, credits the tight tolerances Toyota engineers put into their engines as the reason. "They are well-built, with many overengineered heavy-duty parts," Tran says, "like using a timing chain versus a timing belt."

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Honda CR-V

Consumer Reports dependability rating: 65 percent above average

The Honda CR-V is the chart-topper among the small crossover SUVs in the Consumer Reports study. James Kempf of Speedfactory in Tacoma, Wash., is known for fixing, tuning and racing Hondas. When asked about the CR-V, Kempf replies: "Haven't seen much of them around here. In the CR-V, the K24 engine is understressed and sees low revs, which is why it is so dependable." Translated: The K24 is not overworked, so it doesn't suffer from as many fatigue-related issues as other engines.

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Lexus LX 570

Consumer Reports dependability rating: 60 percent above average

When it comes to luxury SUVs, the Lexus LX 570 has only 40 percent of the problems experienced by other vehicles. It has the advantage of Toyota's tradition of reliability coupled with the higher expectations inherent in the Lexus brand. Jotech's Tran says the overall attention to detail from design to the production line, and the use of tried-and-proven component systems are the reasons this Lexus is the scourge of wrenches far and wide.

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Honda Fit

Consumer Reports dependability rating: 60 percent above average

The Honda Fit is comfortable at the top of Consumer Report's dependability study, where it has been solidly perched since the sporty subcompact hit the road in 2007. Allen Otto of Hansville Repair, a small, rural repair shop in Washington state's Puget Sound region, says he is not surprised. He services a few of the mighty mites and says he cannot remember doing anything more than routine maintenance on any of them.

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Scion xD

Consumer Reports dependability rating: 57 percent above average

The Scion xD scores well in the Consumer Reports survey because it shares the same powertrain as the Yaris. Once a component system is proven, Toyota, Scion's parent company, uses it in as many vehicles as possible, improving the dependability of its entire line and saving development costs. The xD is also solid in the other categories; Tran says it is also outfitted with strong gears in the transmission, stout axles and more.

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