Lexus unveiled the LF-NX at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show this week, showcasing what a smaller and meaner RX would look like. The concept certainly looks pugnacious with that gaping grille, and Lexus says that its performance will be on par with other conventional crossovers of the same size, despite being a hybrid.

The Japanese automaker says the LF-NX's hybrid powertrain, which consists of a 2.5-liter Atkinson cycle I-4 and electric motor, is "tuned for SUV performance." Lexus also says that at lower speeds, the LF-NX can operate under electric motor power alone. Official power ratings haven't been revealed, but if Lexus says the LF-NX will be able to keep up with gasoline-powered rivals including BMW X1, Audi Q3, and the upcoming Mercedes-Benz GLA, we can expect it to put out north of 200 hp, but well below the RX 450h's 295 hp. Measuring 182.7 inches long, the LF-NX is about 5 inches shorter in length compared to the best-selling RX, and may be based on the Toyota RAV4.

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While the LF-NX exterior styling may be exaggerated, the production version will likely be toned down to appear more like the IS F Sport. As with the new IS, the LF-NX separates the LED lights from the main headlight unit, but the LED light accents themselves are also cut into two pieces by a sheetmetal fold. The headlights are also comprised of three diamond-shaped LED units, which reminds us of what we've seen on the Acura NSX.

The bold styling continues around back, where giant rear wheel well flares give the hybrid crossover a commanding presence. The rising side window line is a styling cue taken from the existing RX, while the droopy taillights are transferred over from the LFA supercar, though they're a bit overdone as sheetmetal folds extend all the way down to the rear bumper as if they've melted.

Yellow leather with contrast stitching defines the LF-NX's cabin, while it also has a new version of Lexus' Remote Touch Interface controller, which utilizes even more touch-sensitive electrostatic switches. The IS F Sport is the first in the lineup to come equipped with such switches, though they're only used for automatic climate control.

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