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Sep 20, 2012 5:51AM

This is the worst auto article I have ever read. Ever. Does the author even know how to drive a car? He compared a wagon to a sedan (Porsche to Dodge), a limosuine to a run of the mill at that sedan (Rolls Royce to Hyundai), a road course thoroughbread to an American muscle car (Aston to Chevy), a full size minivan to a 5 door sedan (Honda to Mazda). What do these cars all have in common? Nothing. Most aren't even in the same body style class. Sure, they all have wheels, so that means that they must be comparable models, right? In that case, when I was shopping for a mid sized performance luxury sedan, I should have thrown a Smart Car as a direct comparison to the S4, CTS-V, and AMG C class that I was comparing, right? I could write a better article blacked out drunk and roofied.

And Trans Am, just going by your name, I can tell you wouldn't know the first thing about cars, other than American Muscle and going in a straight line. What do you mean when you say when the Camaro would blow the Aston Martin away at the track? Do you mean drag strip? I've got news for you, drag racing is only popular in.... wait for it.... America. Let's talk about a road course, which is the world's most popular form of racing, and let's see what a 1 generation behind car (Camaro) does against an Aston, which is bred on the world's most popular form of racing. I bet the Aston would beat the pants off the Camaro (in reverse). And for the record, I'm not biased. Actually, I've bought American for most of my life, but let's be realistic here when we use markers for which cars are "better".

Sep 20, 2012 2:43AM
You should never say Rolls-Royce and Hyundia in the same sentence.  Rool-Royce is for people with chauffers, while Bentley is for drivers.  You can not compare a lot of these cars.  The top end cars have interiors that are wood and leather and made to last.
Sep 20, 2012 2:40AM

YOu know ... I always laugh how people will complain about something going up 10 dollars ... complain about the price of a house ... then they go out and buy a NEW car that looses 10% of the value the second you sign the papers ... and then 50% of the vlue in 2-3 years.


Or they buy a Car/s that cost more than their house does ....

Sep 20, 2012 2:57AM

Fisker Karma vs Toyota Prius Plugin is a bad comparison.  One is a luxury sedan, the other is a lunchbox.


Also, you picked the wrong electric car marker.  You should have gone with the Tesla Model S at $49,900.  That's a car that is worth every penny.

Sep 20, 2012 2:39AM
Also I'm pretty happy to see intelligent comments here! Because I was already thinking that Amercians have the same tastes as this article writer has. But you're right, guys! The dumbest article of the day (at least).
Sep 17, 2012 9:58AM
Who wrote this article. Comparing a Hyundai to a Rolls, a Camaro to a one 77, and minivans. They might as well have a list for the dumbest decisions, because of these dumb editors. By the way id rather have a gt500 instead of a zl1, or a corvette. Then again im  just a mustang lover.
Sep 20, 2012 5:34AM
Is it just me, but the Honda van looks like a hearse.
It would have been better if the author used a consistent method to compare the vehicles.  I can see the point that the best car is not always the most expensive.  However, I was often distracted by a voice in my head shouting "THIS ARTICLE IS STUPID!!!".

The facts presented were too sparse to support the author's conclusions.


Sep 20, 2012 2:34AM

HAHA! LOL! Comparing Rolls-Royce and Hyundai! This comparisaon is just... LOL! And VERDICT? What a dumbs!

2-nd one: Exclusive Aston Martin (not simple Aston Martin) and Camaro! Is that a joke?! Even don't know the VERDICT... turned off!

Sep 30, 2012 3:49AM
This is the most F***** up article I have ever seen on MSN Autos
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