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Fuel economy dips on new MustangFuel economy dips on new Mustang

2015 Ford Mustang mileage drops slightly, per EPA estimates.



Apr 26, 2014 12:18AM
I love my 1996 Miata! I have lots of cars including a Corvette Z06 and a Porsche 911, but there is nothing more fun on a warm, sunny, day than a first generation Miata with the top down. Pure bliss!
Apr 26, 2014 3:20AM

I have a 2006 Miata and a 2010 Grand Sport Corvette. Guess which one is driven the most? Small investment in the Miata and 33 mpg. Easy to drive and park. Less worry to park and not worry about damage or vandalism. No mechanical problems. Sensible car for sure.

Apr 26, 2014 6:16AM
The British had the idea first with the MG, TRIUMPH, AUSTIN HEALEY, SUNBEAM, etc. and just could not figure out the way to advance to high quality and reliability and world class manufacturing methods that was so sorely needed in those products. They failed miserably. Later Mazda thought there was a market still there for an affordable fun sports car and did a great job in creating the Miata.  
Apr 26, 2014 3:57AM

It's good to see that homophobia is still alive and well. How do you feel about the colored folks being allowed to vote?

For those of you that say you won't drive a Miata because it would make you appear gay; you need the opinions of strangers to validate your manhood? I don't see how putting so much value on the opinions of others is very macho........ 

Miata's are inexpensive (especially older models), reliable, easy to work on, and parts (both OEM and performance) are relatively cheap. That's what makes it the most raced car ever.

If you doubt the their ability, go watch an autocross or track-day event and see what dominates. In stock form, they're good. After some minor mods, they trounce cars costing MANY times more (muscle cars don't stand a chance).

Apr 26, 2014 10:14AM
I purchased a 1990 red Miata when they first came out and loved it. However, when the 91 BRG SE came out I had to have one. I ordered one ( including hardtop ) through the same dealer and bought #78 of 4000 available in the US. My wife and I enjoyed it and loved it until last month when we passed it down to our only Grandson  who had admired it since he was in the 11th grade. It only had 64,000 miles on it after 23 yrs. and in good condition. He is in the process of updating it from front to rear. Presently in the process of having a new suspension system and sway bar installed. Next he plans to  have bronze wheels put on the car. He has already put over $1,700.00 in repair and replacement necessities, and will have a beautiful "show" car when his project is complete.  My wife and I are now 77 yrs. old and our Grandson is 33 and we want him and his wife to enjoy the car, but to always keep it in the family. I loved to hear the engine purr, and it was the best handling car I ever owned. Happy motoring Grandson and beautiful wife,  we love you both.
Apr 29, 2014 12:53PM
Great little cars.  I have helped on 2 "conversions" to put the Ford 302 engine and T-5 transmission in the Miata.  With Aluminum heads, intake, water pump and other lightened components, the engine is not much heavier than the original drive train.  Nothing wrong with a Miata that an extra 200 HP won't fix.  With a stronger 5-speed and a 9" center section in the rear, that 302 can be a 500 horsepower 347 and weigh about 2600 pounds.  Whee.
Apr 26, 2014 4:02AM
Fun, Fun, Fast, Fast,  2006 Miata Grand 
Apr 29, 2014 9:41AM
Didn't realize they had been around so long.  I would just love to have one, closest you can get to an MG or Austin Healey.    Either of which I always "wanted" to have in my younger days also!
Apr 26, 2014 8:21AM
I had a 1990 Red Miata for 15 years. It was sold at a dealer in Arkansas in August 1989 making it one of the first ones sold in the state. It was five years old when I purchased it. After 15 years with me I sold it to a dear friend and neighbor and she still has it. It still looks new and runs like a brand new one. This is the dearest vehicle I have ever owned and still question why I sold it except I knew it would be as well cared for as I did when it was mine. Happy 25 years. The best car on the road today.
May 3, 2014 8:31AM
Bought a very low mileage 1995 Miata m-edition in 2009 to help quell my desire for a Corvette I was not ready to spend many many more dollars for. The Miata is much more fun than I ever imagined! The car is in fantastic shape and has been honored with a couple awards from local events and a first place in my first go at an autocross event. I only wish the Miata had 70 more HP to match it's outstanding handling. Simple, pure, fun & inexpensive define the Mazda Miata

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