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MSN Autos Decision Guide Makes Car Buying Easier

When you consider the largest purchase decisions of your lifetime, car buying can present some of the most challenging choices you'll ever make. Whether you're shopping for new cars or used cars, MSN Autos has the definitive car buying guide that helps you choose the right automobile based on what you want in a car. If you already have an idea about the type of car you want to research, start at the specs below the Search Results box and begin configuring your next auto. As you make selections via the sliders, the information in the Search Results box updates with the choices you make, showing exactly what you're searching for in real time. Notice that the car pictures and specs in the list on the right also update dynamically as you choose, appearing in ascending order according to price. After you've modified your search to bring up the cars you want to explore, take the opportunity to click the Price, Fuel economy or User rating links and get more detailed information about each vehicle. If you'd like to find out what your friends think of your choices, return to the Decision Guide and click the checkboxes next to each vehicle, and with one click in the Compare or share section above the car list you can send the selected cars to your friends via email, Facebook or Twitter. They will receive a link to see the vehicles you've selected. After they check out your choices, they can weigh in and offer opinions, and you can be sure you're making the right decisions on the road to discovering the best car for you.