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Recall: 185,000 Toyotas for power steering failure

The 2012 Yaris may lose power steering, but only 74 cars in the U.S. are affected.

By Exhaust Notes Jul 3, 2013 6:46AM
Toyota is recalling about 185,000 hatchbacks to fix electrical problems that can disable the power steering, according to Reuters and the company.

In the U.S., only 74 cars are affected – the 2012 Yaris hatchback – compared with about 130,000 cars in Japan, where the Yaris is sold as the Vitz.

Due to moisture and manufacturing problems with the steering computer, which sends signals to an electric motor to assist the wheel, the system can short-circuit and disable the assist altogether. At low speeds without power steering, it will be harder to turn the wheel, and the driver will see a warning light on the dash if the problem occurs, Toyota said.

The rest of the cars are located in Europe, where the Yaris is Toyota's best-selling model. Toyota is also recalling the 2011 Yaris (the current-generation model was released one year prior to the U.S.) and another car called the Verso-S from 2011 and 2012, Reuters said.

Dealers will replace the power steering computer at a date that Toyota has not yet specifid. The 74 Yaris owners in the U.S. can visit or call Toyota at 1-800-331-4331.

In June, Toyota recalled 242,000 hybrids worldwide to fix weakened brakes, including about 87,000 in the U.S. In January, Toyota recalled 1.29 million cars, including 752,000 Corolla and Matrix models and 270,000 Lexus IS sedans in the U.S., for airbag computers that could short-circuit and windshield wipers that could detach. 

[Source: Toyota, Reuters via Automotive News]

steering brakes airbags,

nothing major. 

Jul 5, 2013 3:02PM

Toys are recalled, yet again and for some strange one has anything to say.

Kinda hard to argue with facts, isn't it.

Jul 5, 2013 6:56AM
Jul 8, 2013 12:56PM
Interesting that the following recalls in the last ten days have not been mentioned on MSN although Hyundai and Toyota are being brought to light.

GM: Volt, brakes locking up and not releasing

Chrysler:  Sebring, Nitro, Avenger, Liberty,  Non deployment of active head rerstraints in an accident

Chrysler:  Town and Country, Grand Caravan, Ram, in the event of an accident, the wrong air bags are being deployed providing no protection for the occupants, example, a right side crash will deploy the left side air bags.....nice.

Nothing major though

Source: NHTSA

Looks like Detroit is making sure that it will be putting that trophy back into it's case this year.

Jul 7, 2013 12:08PM
The facts are.........all manufacturers have recalls...and...Toy was king in 2011 and 2012 but not in 2013...or 30 out of the last 33 years! Hard to believe that anyone could call someone "the king" when they only possessed the crown for two of so many, many years. It's actually pretty laughable since Chrysler has three times the number of recalls in 2013, GM has almost twice and Ford is neck in neck. Seems like someone needs to brush up on the facts and stop living ONLY in the very recent past.

Source: NHTSA website ( you know...the people that actually put out the recalls? ) 

Detroit recalls...JUST IN THE LAST 30 DAYS!!!
  Ford: loss of steering
  Lincoln: electrical shocks
  Ford: fire
  GM:  non working lights resulting in crashes
  Chrysler:  air bags prematurely deploying..or not at all
  Chrysler: broken axles
  Chrysler:  engine stalls while driving
  Chrysler: gas tank explosions

  Nothing major. Who's the king now? LOL!

Shelby, sorry, I was on vacation. Bet you wished that I had stayed there huh, especially since the REAL facts clearly state that Detroit has reestablished itself as the tried and true, over the long haul, king of recalls.   : )

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