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Nissan teases BladeGlider, minivan with ceiling fan

For the Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan's BladeGlider mixes cues from the BMW i8 and its own DeltaWing racecar.

By AutoWeek Nov 12, 2013 7:49AM

Nissan is bringing a handful of new and wild concept cars to the Tokyo motor show, along with some old favorites like the GT-R and 370Z.

The highlight of Nissan's stand will be the BladeGlider concept, which looks like a cross between the BMW i8 and the DeltaWing race car.

Nissan says it offers passengers “a sense of glider-like driving pleasure, evoking exhilaration through its nimble handling.” The BladeGlider has a narrow front track and wide rear, which helps to reduce drag while generating downforce.

It features a center driver's seat position with two seats behind. In-wheel motors provide propulsion to the rear wheels. Nissan says this is a prototype of an upcoming production vehicle that will demonstrate the innovation in zero-emissions mobility.

The Nissan DAYZ ROOX (that's how they spell it) is a super-height wagon, also known as a van, which is slated for a Japanese launch in 2014. It features mostly production equipment, including the Around View Monitor, one-touch sliding doors, and a ceiling fan.


Yes, Nissan says the ROOX has a rear ceiling fan, which we're guessing is more of a vent fan, as opposed to those wooden house fans. It also has roll-up sunshades, UV-blocking windshield glass and a spacious interior.

The third generation of the Nissan Teana sedan, our Maxima, will also debut. It's built with Nissan's Modern Living philosophy and its cabin supports “comfort of all passengers.” So, those kids in the back will be happy, too. It's planned for a Japanese launch later this month.

Rounding out the company's stand are the X-Trail SUV, Serena minivan, Note small car, Elgrand minivan, Nissan Leaf Aero, which looks way cooler than the original, and the e-NV-200.

-- Jake Lingeman


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