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Louis Vuitton makes carbon fiber bags for electric BMW i8

Leave it to Louis to bring carbon fiber to fashion — specifically for drivers of BMW electric vehicles.

By James_Tate Feb 28, 2014 4:21PM

Your tailor-made Louis Vuitton bags have arrived – that is, if you happen to be one of the lucky few sporting BMW’s slick new i8 plug-in hybrid sports car.

For your bucks (no word on how many of them yet, but with Louis Vuitton, you can safely assume it won’t be a small number) you get two travel bags, a business case and a garment bag — all made entirely with carbon fiber.

That exotic material, used on the electric BMW's stiff passenger monocoque and primarily seen on expensive supercars, promises to make these Louis bags extremely light and durable. It's also one of the very first applications of carbon fiber as a garment fabric. Louis Vuitton says they'll be available by request at the company's New York and Los Angeles stores starting in April.

None of the bags have wheels. But then again, if this is the kind of stuff you’re into, you probably aren’t the kind of person who carries their own bags around anyway.

Fitted luggage is usually a questionable purchase — not simply because it automatically makes you a certain kind of bag, but because it's typically too nice to expose to the harsh rigors of travel and difficult to replace. But these all-black Louis bags are unusually understated for the French luxury brand, with the signature Damier pattern and a hint of bright blue stitching inside to match the bright blue seatbelts and trim on the BMW.

Of course, the valets and bellmen at your various luxury stopovers every 311 miles (or 22 if you intend to stay exclusively within the i8's all-electric range) will know as they hand carry each bag into the resort.


We’ll concede that if you’re going to take your i8 on a road trip — and if you are, we’d love to hear about the rest of your life — there's a place for this exquisite luggage. And these bags do look cool and fit perfectly inside the cockpit of what is an unquestionably innovative car.

Are they any better than the rugged nylon pieces you can buy from a company like STM for a fraction of the money and a lifetime warranty? Probably not, but then again, buyers of $136,000 hybrid sports cars have more choices when they're out shopping.

[Source: BMW]
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