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Hyundai previews 2015 Genesis sedan

The next Genesis wants to be less anonymous and more dynamic. But can it break through the luxury segment?

By Clifford Atiyeh Oct 24, 2013 6:16AM
Hyundai has one mission with the next Genesis sedan: Shed the generic design and get luxury buyers to actually consider buying one.

Hyundai's South Korean headquarters has released renderings of the 2015 model, set to go on sale in the U.S. sometime next spring. The new car, if the renderings are at all close to production, takes cues from the HCD-14 Genesis Concept that debuted in January at the North American International Auto Show.

A wide-mouth upright grille, sleeker profile and tapered tail are among the changes. Since the 2014 Mazda6 and Ford Fusion already possess these attractive design attributes, we're not sure the Genesis will make a name for itself this time around, especially not for the $40,000 price tag it commands.

Still, the Genesis sedan, introduced for the 2009 model year, has been an impressive car for the money. The R Spec variant with the 5.0-liter 429-horsepower V8 engine and 8-speed automatic is thrilling to drive, and all versions come pretty much loaded without the fussy option packages that the German automakers like to force on customers. The 2015 model will offer the option of all-wheel drive, an adaptive suspension and variable-ratio steering, while retaining its balanced rear-wheel-drive proportions in standard trim.

We don't know what new engines will be offered, but we'll bet a turbo V6 wouldn't be out of the question — and maybe the high-output turbo four cylinder used in the Sonata Turbo, given that the BMW 528i comes with a similar engine in base trim. Hyundai promises a stiffer body structure with more high-strength steel and better crash-test ratings, including an active safety function that tightens the seat belt to warn the driver of an impending collision.

Hyundai's brand has proven to be a difficult sell in this segment, with the company moving a few thousand sedans each year (the Genesis Coupe, which bears no relation to the sedan, is lumped into the monthly sales reports). We'll give Hyundai another shot if it can peg our emotions much higher than the competent — but ultimately faceless — Genesis we have now.

[Source: Hyundai]
Oct 24, 2013 3:58PM

"But can it break through the luxury segment?"


Seriosuly?? I drove both the coupe and sedan. Both cars have plenty of luxury, especially for the price. I'm not a Hyundai fan, but I'd buy a Genesis any day before I'd buy an Infiniti or Lexus. It broke through the luxury segment as soon as it came out.

Oct 25, 2013 9:55AM
Haters are going to hate no matter what. It used to be the same way with German cars and then with Japanese cars. Hyundai has come a LONG way in a short time. The current Genesis sedan is an excellent car in every respect and a MUCH better value than any comparably-equipped competitor. And they just keep getting better and better each year.

When I was shopping for my current car contenders were BMW 135i, Subaru WRX STI, and Ford Mustang. Gen Coupe was an afterthought until i test drove it and bought it on the spot. Unquestionably the best bang for my buck (2013 3.8 Track MT) with a far better warranty than the other alternatives. Super fun to drive, makes a great daily driver, and I get compliments on it all the time.

If you had told me 5 years ago that one day I would be driving a Hyundai I would have laughed in your face and called you insane.

This new Gen sedan looks like a real winner.

Oct 24, 2013 3:49PM

This would be an improvement over the current Boring, Lexus looking SNOOZER !  The new Impala is pushing 40 G's, so this pricing shouldn't be an Issue.  Only the Badge Whores who have to have BMW-Mercedes-Jaguar-Lexus-Infiniti  nameplates will pass this one up


Oct 25, 2013 11:09AM

When I was in the market 10 years ago for a brand spanking new car, Hyundai wasn't even a thought.

Gm. or Dodges  was the only thing I was looking at, tell a friend told my to look at the Hyundai Santé FA, I test drove it and fell in love with this brand and purchased it on the spot. I had an 03 until I purchased a 28 foot boat, the towing power was lacking for the size of my boat, I step to an 05 Santé FA, Towing power was improved but it couldn't tow 8K lbs. The best vehicle I ever drove in bad weather after 2 failed and replaced trans from the dealer at no cost to me, the service advisor told me I need a bigger vehicle for whatever I am towing. I went looking again for something that could tow 10K lbs. Still miss that Santé FA... Hyundai makes great vehicles priced right and looks more for the bang for the buck. Can't go wrong with a Hyundai.... 

Nov 11, 2013 12:30PM
Wow some great comments.  I only wish I could buy a Genesis.  I'm retired now (71) will probable keep what I have now.  First, my father was a Chev dealer, I became a service manager at 22 and took pride in the fact I was a chevy man.  Had an 02 duramax crew cab and a sunbird. Was time to buy another car before retiring and went looking for another used late model Gm car.  Wow the prices shocked us to make a long story short we ended up driving a new v-6 Sonata in 05 when we were on the hunt for a sporty car and was blown away by the handling.  Thankfully my dad had passed away a few years earlier or he would have had a stroke.  We didn't intend to buy new.  But when you can buy a car build by Americans in American.  Instead of an Americian (?) car from Mexico.  I say look harder.  Yes it's 8 years old I put some new 80,000 mile touting tires and it was like getting another new car.  If I could keep my foot out of it, it would get 30 mpg plus but as it is, I only get 26 to 28 on a trip (70-80). Oh and I just replace the battery after 8 years.  I wouldn't even consider a GM product again.  Especially after BO gave them a bail out.  GO Hyundai.  Treat your self.  I wish I could afford that Genesis but I can only dream now about how much better it drives.
Nov 11, 2013 3:01AM
I had 2 Hyundais. Great cars for the first 100,000 then the engines crapped out. But cheap to repair. But wait I also had a Bimmer 7 series and the engine crapped out too at 100,000. Dealer wanted $9,500.00 for valve stem seals repair. Now my second Bimmer is starting to suffer the same faith with minimal burning oil at 50,000 miles. I know what you may be thinking, but I do change the oil every 5,000 miles and filters every 10,000..It may be the ultimate driving machine and the best car I have ever driven. But way to expensive to repair after the warranty expires. As soon as that Check engine light comes on, if it does, I will trade it for a Genesis. Maybe the third will be the charm.
Oct 27, 2013 1:21PM
For me, the best opinion poll is my wife. She has a 2012 Genesis sedan and loves it. She saw the new version and said "eeeewwwww". So, it'll be a Mercedes CLA next time. Go figure. This will be first time in 10 years she hasn't bought a Hyundai.
Nov 11, 2013 6:17AM
I bought a 2013 Genesis Coupe 3.8 Grand touring trim model.  I love the car and keep it most of the time in my garage.  Only have 4,300 miles on it. The car is a great balance of POWER and CLASS.  The sales men was trying to get me to look at the 4 Door Genesis,  If you want something nice it's a good looking car. But it's not a Cadillac. Hyundai suffers from brand acknowledgment in the luxury models. The top of the line Equis is in the 45-50 thousand dollar range.  If they keep the price real? on the new Genesis, they might get Oldsmobile type customers to buy it? 
Nov 22, 2013 2:14PM
I own the 2012 Genesis R word....INCREDIBLE! When I bring it to the dealer for service, I am constantly asked to buy my car from me.  This is a true GEM with all the bells and whistles of cars costing $15,000 more than what I paid. The power and acceleration as well as the sexy body style and classy interior consistently turn heads...and for good reason. Looking forward to the 2015 version coming out next year. I will be the first to walk out with one as soon as they back it off the trailer!
Nov 11, 2013 2:52PM
The luxury is really in the Equus with a computer controlled air suspension and lane position/ all around sensors for objects and pedestrians. 2 position back up camera. The interior has a whopping 126 cubic feet. Cars have not seen this kind of leg room since the 70s.
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