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GM adds 971,000 cars to ignition switch recall

Nearly 2.6 million cars are now affected; defective parts could still be in supply.

By Clifford Atiyeh Mar 28, 2014 2:44PM
General Motors will recall every car built under the seven nameplates affected by faulty ignition switches that can shut off the engine while driving, bringing the worldwide total to nearly 2.6 million cars.

GM said late Friday it was recalling an additional 971,000 cars to replace ignition switches on the entire production run in order to account for cars that had their ignition switches replaced prior to the recall and for any cars awaiting repairs. Since GM changed the part in 2006 and didn't modify the part number, it's impossible to tell whether a replacement switch is old or new without ripping it apart.

GM said it has sold 95,000 replacement ignition switches to dealers and parts distributors. Of those, 5,000 are still in stock and GM is trying to get them returned. A Reuters story addressed this very issue two days earlier.

“We are going to provide our customers with the peace of mind they deserve and expect by getting the new switches into all the vehicles,” GM CEO Mary Barra said in a statement.

The updated model list includes the 2003-2007 Saturn Ion, 2005-2010 Chevrolet Cobalt and Pontiac G5, 2006-2011 Chevrolet HHR, 2006-2010 Pontiac Solstice, and the 2007-2010 Saturn Sky. In Canada, the 2005-2007 Pontiac Pursuit is also included.

This is the second time GM has expanded the initial February recall of nearly 780,000 2005-2007 Chevrolet Cobalt and 2007 Pontiac G5 models in the U.S. Later in February, it recalled separate Pontiac, Saturn and Chevrolet models for a U.S. total of 1.36 million. The new total of affected cars in the U.S. is 2.2 million.

GM is under two federal investigations and a criminal probe by the Justice Department for the recall, which has led to at least 12 deaths. Last week, GM recalled 1.54 million cars with unrelated defects under a direct order from its CEO Mary Barra to encourage faster turnaround on safety issues. Barra, who will testify before Congress on Tuesday, also named a new "vehicle safety chief" who now reports directly to her. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which handles all recalls, is also under investigation for why it refused to act despite receiving hundreds of complaints -- along with GM -- for more than a decade.

GM is facing a $350 million class-action lawsuit, in addition to individual suits pending in court and those it has already settled.

Separately, GM this week recalled 656 Cadillac ELR plug-in hybrids that may not alert the driver when the stability control system is disabled. Dealers will reprogram the system starting on April 17.

[Source: GM/Reuters]

Mar 28, 2014 4:02PM
It is amazing how much some people hate everything about America.  Amazing.  Whatever GM did I would hope they make good on it.  If they were responsible for harm coming to someone, they should pay dearly, but, that won't bring back anyone.  Having a faulty ignition has nothing to do with a union guy on the line.  He puts the parts on that he is given just like Honda, Toyota, Ford, Chrysler, KIA or Hyundai.  That is why all car companies have recalls.  How soon we forget Toyota.  It is scary to see how quickly people jump on anything American.  And, they do it with a hatred that I have never seen before and I have been around awhile.  Just read the post by Ohbummy below.  We should be demanding the best from our American companies and not running to some foreign country in protest.  We are all Americans and we better start acting like it or you can say goodbye to your lifestyles.  Ohbummy, you need help.  My guess is you haven't been around long enough to know anything about anything. 
Mar 28, 2014 5:00PM
Everday  I appreciate the way my 1965 Plymouth barracuda gets to town and back..road noise , no ac, no power steering , no power brakes...but starts every time  even after 49 years...back when people cared about quality
The broadness of the recall indicates an engineering flaw, a manufacture/procurement flaw, a management flaw, and a corporate ethic flaw. Given the situation, can the integrity lost by GM ever be restored? Given the fact that the company knew of the situation, and customers died, it is clear that criminal prosecutions and corporate penalties are in order.
Mar 28, 2014 4:59PM
Maybe,this is why OUR money went to "bail them out", and I still have not received a dividend check.  I bought a used Ford truck, my last vehicle purchase.
Mar 28, 2014 6:16PM
Ohbummy you are very eloquently spoken and extremely knowledgeable of how the car industry works. After all the Union Scum all have engineering degrees and knowledge of all of the GM warranty, legal issues, manage all of GM's Money, make the same money if not more than the management side of the industry.  Started wars in Iran lost the plane, caused the mudslide.  The fact is the Union Scum make the vehicles with the parts provided to them, and do the best job possible, pride and concern for the customers safety is always number one. If it is an issue they are aware of they will not build a defective, unsafe vehicle  . You don't know the whole story about the ignition switches and neither do I, time will tell.  What they've done for you and many Americans, Union or not. is give job security, safety in the work place, benefits, fair wages, have recourse if you are unfairly let go from your job (which in your case you can't be fired just for narrow-mindedness and stupidity). Read your history books and see what the Union has done to improve the lives of Americans  

Now they recall my car I had my HHR fixed last year and I had to pay for it to be done. Are they going to refund me the money that I paid,  I think not

Mar 28, 2014 8:15PM
Has anyone besides me noticed that there's a lot more defective parts and more recalls since manufacturers get parts from China?   I believe this is why there's tons of recalls from Japanese automakers also.  They are also getting parts made in China to save a few pennies, at the expense of safety and quality.
Mar 28, 2014 4:35PM

The recent recalls brought this thought to mind:

 I suspect that the average American hater wouldn't hate American products if they simply were the best products available. Sadly, they are not in many cases  and offshore companies are doing their homework while American companies try to ride the patriotism ride. The end result is foreign companies investing in America and producing their wares here. This sadly often than not ends up being products that the American consumer considers to be the best for their money.

The results of this could be seen during the Cash for Clunkers program, the Bailout and now the recall debacle.

How do we fix this?

Build the products that consumers want and trust.  (Easier said than Marketed) 

Mar 28, 2014 4:55PM
yes Hager you will be reembersed for the full cost of the repair IF you have the receipt...also the switch will be replaced again with the updated switch...paying customers back for repairs done before a recall comes out has been sop forever...
Mar 28, 2014 5:11PM

I still want GM to send me a check for my tax dollars they used to bail themselves out and then went to China later and built a new plant!!

Thanks GM-------------------

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