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Which 2013 cars are the cheapest to insure?

Domestic and Asian crossovers and SUVs take the cheap spots; German automakers make up the pricey list.

By Exhaust Notes Jan 18, 2013 2:15PM
Crossovers and SUVs priced below $30,000 are the cheapest new cars to insure this year, according to a survey of insurance company data.

The base Ford Edge reported the lowest average premium, at $1,128 per year, followed by the Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo and Subaru Outback 2.5i Premium.

The survey from, which gathers data from six major insurance companies in all 50 states, estimates annual insurance rates for 2013 model-year cars. The 20 least expensive vehicles, all of which were between $1,128 and $1,237 per year, were split between domestic and Asian brands and included two minivans -- or three, if you count the noncommercial version of the Ford Transit Connect.

These family cars, says, have low repair costs and typically aren't involved in accidents since they're just "going to the mall, taking kids to school and driving to sports practices on the weekends." The only regular car listed was the Honda Fit, ranked 19th at $1,235 per year.

The survey takes insurance data from 10 cities and towns from each state, and figures rates based on a 40-year-old man with a 12-mile commute. The sample policy includes a $500 deductible, $100,000 injury liability, $300,000 comprehensive injury liability and $50,000 property damage coverages.

German and British luxury cars filled the entire list of 20 most expensive cars to insure. Mercedes models, most of which included V12 and AMG models of the SL, S and CL models, filled 11 spots. The No. 1-ranked 2013 CL600 is estimated to cost $3,357. Three variants of the Jaguar XK, including the XKR coupe and convertible, were expected to cost between $2,684 and $2,822 per year. Five Porsche models (three turbos) and one BMW filled out the rest of this pricey list. The 911 Carrera S was a comparative bargain in the bottom spot, at $2,626.

Exotic cars such as Ferrari likely cost much more, but aren't included due to the limited data available. As one example, said that an Audi R8 5.2 insured in Washington, D.C., demands an average $6,009 premium. Ouch.



when u buy medical insurance do you buy it to cover you are someone else I have not ever had car insurance

i buy cheap cars i damn sure am not going to buy insurance to cover your expensive habit you bought the car now insure it ****

Jan 26, 2013 2:45PM
Figure this one out.  I'm a active senior, driving a '92 Olds Trofeo (appraised @ $4k). I only drive it 2500 miles/yr. No claims in past 15 years.  My wife, not a senior, drives a 2008 Nissan SUV, @ 13k/yr.  She has had 3 modest claims over the past 5 years.  Because of my age, I am considered a RISKIER driver than she.  My rates are actually higher. And, I am with USAA, a very reputable company.  I'm still shaking my head.
Jan 26, 2013 1:15PM
My experience is that with a clean driving record and a used car  you can cut the quoted rates in half.
Jan 26, 2013 11:46AM

at first the American car makers like GM,Ford etc. LAUGHED

At the European and japanes who made small cars

AND NOW American car makers start making small

cars ..but american cars are STILL FREAKIN JUNK,JUNK

DO NOT WASTE UR MONEY.,Bad resale value,poorly made

they break down ALOTS.

Jan 26, 2013 10:31AM
Bogus article... I pay 712 a yr for Acura TSX with lower deductable.
Jan 26, 2013 10:29AM
I have a hard time buying the "statistic" that soccer-mom cars are safest...
More often than not it is the soccer moms I see with a phone in one hand, a latte in the other, and steering with whatever hands remain

Jan 26, 2013 9:55AM
In Phoenix, AZ....Whenever I drive around, I wonder how many people even HAVE insurance, or even  a drivers license.
Glad I have under insured or non-insured rider on my policy. It's a "crap shoot" around here. A lot of the times, the other person involved, either doesn't stop (if their car is still functioning) Or they flee the scene on foot. When the cops arrive, the chance of the plate on the other guy's vehicle, actually being FOR that iffy at best.
Jan 20, 2013 8:07PM
Low insurance cost equals boring vehicle.
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