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Black Friday "Special" at Neiman Marcus: $90,000 Racing Simulator

The retailer does it again this holiday season, offering a new set of deluxe automotive items.

By Claire_Martin Nov 23, 2012 6:18AM
Neiman Marcus has a knack for including over-the-top gifts in its annual holiday catalog. This year's "Fantasy Gifts" include a $99,000 jetpack, a wood-paneled tailgating trailer for $100,000 and a walk-on role in the musical Annie that'll set you back $30,000. The retailer routinely hawks high-end, limited edition cars and, in the past, drivers could purchase special edition Ford Thunderbirds, Jaguar XJs and Ferrari FFs.

This time around, Neiman went big even by its own standards by offering a 2013 McLaren 12C Spider for a cool $354,000. But if you put the car on your Christmas list, bad news: all 12 sold out in less than two hours.

Luckily, for a relative bargain ($90,000), you can get a racing simulator to put under the tree instead.

Made by French designer Pinel + Pinel, the setup is encased in calfskin (your choice of 51 different colors) and comes with Formula One racing seats and a steering wheel with 180-degree rotation and a realistic pedal set. Accessories include 24 PlayStation games, guns, buzzers, 3-D glasses and an 1,800-watt Bluetooth sound system. Everything plays out on a 55-inch, 3-D Sony TV screen.

And if you grow weary of hairpin turns, you've got a kick-ass — albeit extremely pricey —entertainment system for movies and music.

The one thing you won't get? The feeling of the wind in your hair as you maneuver a 12C Spider around a real hairpin. But, for that, there's always next year.

[Source: Jalopnik, Neiman Marcus]

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