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Recall: 752,000 Corolla models, 270,000 Lexus IS sedans

1.29 million Toyotas are affected worldwide; the 2003-2004 Corolla may deploy airbags inadvertently, and wipers on 2006-2012 Lexus IS models may fail.

By Exhaust Notes Jan 30, 2013 5:46AM
Toyota is recalling 752,000 Corolla and Matrix models and 270,000 Lexus IS sedans in the U.S., the company said Wednesday morning.

The U.S. recall represents about 79 percent of the 1.29 million vehicles recalled worldwide.

[UPDATE, 1/31: The 2003-2004 Pontiac Vibe is also included in this recall, as it shares nearly all of its parts with the Matrix. About 135,749 cars are affected. Owners can call General Motors at 1-800-521-7300.]

The airbag-control modules on 2003-2004 Corollas and Matrixes may short-circuit and become damaged, which could lead to the front airbags or the seatbelt pre-tensioners deploying without warning.

On 2006-2012 Lexus IS models, a nut that holds the wiper arm in place could loosen and detach, especially if there is a heavy snow or another "external load" in the wiper's path.

Toyota is sending owner letters in the mail "in the near future," which likely means that dealers will be repairing the affected models in late February. More information is available at Toyota's recall site or at 1-800-331-4331; IS owners can visit the Lexus recall site or call 1-800-255-3987.

On Monday, a Toyota distributor in Florida recalled 3,235 cars to recalibrate airbag sensors. In November, Toyota recalled 2.77 million cars worldwide for faulty steering and hybrid systems. In October, Toyota recalled 7.43 million cars for power-window switches that could catch fire, making it the largest global vehicle recall in 16 years.

[Source: Toyota]
Mar 31, 2014 12:39PM
I am puzzled by those who are quick to forgive automotive manufacturers for their duplicity. Manufacturers do not care about consumers safety.  The bottom line is profit at any cost. Wake up people! Manufacturers are culpable. They should pay restitution to the families that have been affected. It is illogical that vehicles are being built without consumers safety as a priority. A thorough testing would have revealed those defects. Years ago, automobiles were put through vigorous testing, before they were offered to the public. Those days are gone. 
Feb 1, 2013 5:55AM
I have to tell you that lackluster performance seems the order of the day. Recently ended up with  rented Prius in another city. Bleah! Bleah! Bleah! Talk about boring and uninspired driving. Not to mention the fct that the cost savings in gasoline can never be recovered because the additional cost associated with the initial investment is always greater than the fuel. Toyota recently announced a one hundred fifty thousand mile warranty on the battery pack. So you drive your one hundred twenty-five thousand miles and now have an essentially worthless automobile. The cost of replacing the battery pack is six thousand dollars (Even at four dollars per gallon, that's fifteen hundred gallons of gasoline.).A friend of mine who is an electrical engineer spent some years working on this battery system and has complained to me that the problem of safe disposal and recycling of these batteries actually makes the safe disposal of nuclear waste seem like child's play. Sort of like the issue if needing a HAZMAT team to deal with your broken compact fluorescent bulb. Bad technology driven by an uninformed market.
Jan 31, 2013 5:46PM

Troy S. what your saying despite the numerous recalls, lackluster design and terminal performance there are those that continue to buy such vehicles from Toyota. Did I forget to mention poor ride quality (in your own words) further questions your honor

Jan 31, 2013 2:30PM

    It is interesting to note that I bought the Sable because my beloved late wife wanted a station wagon (not an SUV or minivan) and I dreaded buyibg a Volvo (a bad experience some years before). This led to years of Ford products that poved to be durable and excellent in terms of frequency of repair.The problem with Consumer Reports is that they rely on data from their subscribership and this can be subjective and improper testing techniques. An example of this is  the circumstance involving the Simmons Beautyrest Royalty in the  late 1980's. This product was the top rated mattress product in their tests (which did not involve any torsioning or turning of the product). Their "punishing test" involved  an up and down pounding of the product with an impression machine rated at I believe two hundred twenty-five pounds. This is a standard test and the product passed with flying colors. The test however, did nothing to uncover a glaring weakness in the the product's manufacture when a simple flipping of the product would have saved customers the unfortunate experience of purchasing an inherently defective sleeping surface endorsed by Consumers' Union (By the way, I consider myself something of an expert in this field and not without justification).


   Getting back to cars... ...I was merely attempting to point out that many domestic products have come a long way. There was a point in time when arrogance, planned obsolesence, and poor manufacturing created an opportunity for foreign manufacturers, most notably the Japanese, to take advantage of a sloppy, inwardly directed industry here in the United States. Things have changed however, and I honestly believe it is fairly easy to purchase an Amercian made automobile from an American manufacturer that is every bit as good if not better than anything made anywhere in the world. 

Jan 31, 2013 5:35AM
The oats are much cheaper after they go threw the horse one time . Toyota is making cars and trucks . Just like everyone else is in that manufacturing business . Nothing is perfect in our world . Let them just go on and fix what is wrong . So can we just press on with new more efficient cars and trucks . Every manufacturer has a recall program and Toyota is no different from any of the other ones out there  .
Jan 31, 2013 5:31AM
I am happy for people who have never been injured from a vehicle involved in a recall. It is unfortunate that so many people do not remember before Toyota put so much money in marketing and were some of the worse vehicles on the road. In today's market the vehicle has improved slightly and the marketing has continued to grow. If you must drive a Japanese vehicle make it a good one. I will stick with GM and Ford.
Jan 31, 2013 12:39AM

Troy S said.... "I took the door panel off and found a loose BEER CAN inside the door panel with the words "You finally found me" written on it" .....I`m calling this bulls**t, you really think someone is going to believe that Troy S?

As far as people who have money invested in foreign made products, nobody said that we didn't, what I`m saying is that given the choice of buying American or from a foreign company I`m buying American, and I`ll do my homework as far as it`s origin to support this choise, confident that it is world class in design, innovation and assembly. Making sense to you yet, hope so, because it may have been a family member or maybe your next door neighbour who had a hand in building one of my American vehicles.

I own a two Dodges, a GMC and two Chevys, all of which have a very high American percentage of content (parts) and all assembled here in the US. As an American I am proud of this and our American auto heritage that dates back over 100 years.

Disagree, then we'll ship your job to another country, based on you and your friends comments, somebody could do your job better in a foreign country anyway..... by-the-way, you said "while driving on the British Motorway", where are you from?

Jan 30, 2013 5:05PM
Toyota Corolla is the most ugliest car in the world period.
Jan 30, 2013 4:42PM
frosty and friends.......getting harder and harder to defend your beloved foreign manufacturer`s (Toyota) as they continue to fall from grace with the American consumer, with poor quality and recalls almost on a daily basis now.
Jan 30, 2013 2:00PM

Three Lexus 1990, 2002, 2007,  no recalls, no warrenty used, no problems. 


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