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Ford says new Fusion Energi trumps Toyota with 620-mile range

EPA fuel-economy figures for the plug-in hybrid are 108 mpge city/92 mpge highway and 100 mpge combined.

By Douglas Newcomb Jan 17, 2013 11:52AM

Ford Fusion Energi. Photo courtesy of Ford.Ford is once again making bold mileage estimates in regard to the fuel economy and range of one of its new plug-in hybrids -- and also noting that its hybrid vehicles achieve better fuel economy than those from Toyota.

This time it’s for Ford’s latest plug-in hybrid, the new Fusion Energi, which the company says is capable of driving up to 620 miles without having to stop for gas or to recharge the battery.

Ford also says the Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid can drive up to 21 miles in electric-only mode -- almost triple the electric-only range of the Toyota Prius plug-in, and double that of the Honda Accord plug-in hybrid. EPA fuel-economy figures for Fusion Energi are 108 mpg-equivalent city/92 mpge highway and 100 mpge combined. That’s up to 5 mpge more than the Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid, Ford points out. The hatchback C-Max Energi posted the same EPA results.

“We want Ford to be known to customers who want fuel-efficient vehicles,” Mazen Hammoud, Ford’s chief engineer for electric powertrains, told MSN Autos at the New England International Auto Show in Boston today.

Ford added that the EPA predicts that this type of fuel economy could help save car owners an estimated $6,850 in fuel costs compared with an average new car over five years. Given that the EPA has recently looked into mileage claims for Ford’s other hybrids, chances are the fuel-economy figures for the Fusion Energi are legitimate.

Just two months after Hyundai and Kia admitted to overstating EPA mileage estimates and were forced to relabel window stickers on the new vehicles to reflect the lower mpg ratings, the federal agency next turned its attention to Ford for mileage claims on its new Fusion hybrid and C-Max hybrid models. This grew out of a Consumer Reports claim that the two hybrids weren’t even close to achieving their 47-mpg ratings. (Both hybrids claim 47 mpg in city, highway and combined driving.) After purchasing and breaking in the two hybrids, Consumer Reports says it achieved an average of only 35 mpg city/41 mpg highway for the Fusion and 35/38 for the C-Max. The publication said that other owners have reported similar disappointing results.

"Yes, the disclaimer on EPA fuel-economy labels notes that your results may differ," the magazine said. "But the overall mpg for these C-Max and Fusion models is off by a whopping 10 and 8 mpg, respectively, or about 20 percent. Our overall-mpg results are usually pretty close to the EPA's combined-mpg estimate."

The EPA investigation of Hyundai and Kia is ongoing, and the agency is also considering civil penalties for the automakers’ inaccuracies, according to Bloomberg. Ford could face similar trouble -- and lawsuits -- if the EPA determines the mileage estimates are off.

Ford's Hammoud said customer driving styles were the real issue. He said high fuel-economy numbers were also dependent on “how aggressive you brake,” referring to how the hybrid system generates more electricity for the battery during harder stops.

The EPA also acknowledges that hybrids have far more inconsistency in estimating fuel economy. “There's absolutely no doubt: A hybrid is going to be far more variable than a conventional vehicle," Linc Wehrly, director of light-duty vehicle center compliance division at the EPA's Ann Arbor, Mich., laboratory, told The Detroit News.

[Source: Ford]

Jan 18, 2013 8:26AM
And this BOLD new claim is the result of the leading-edge technological break-through of installing a ...................larger fuel tank!
Jan 18, 2013 9:09PM

Consumer Reports never stated how many green leaves were growing on the dash gauge,   not many

I think.   I drive my wife 2012 Ford Fusion like a hybrid and I get 28 to 30 mpg in the city.  Ford know what there doing keep it up.

Jan 24, 2013 1:53PM

Poor MPG… Don't Except 47MPG or even close to that.

I also lease a 2010 Prius and Insight both of which have far superior MPG.

Performance (40-51mpg). I thought this would be a Prius Killer? As a

cross over buyer I feel deceived. I want to support US companies and US.

jobs. What was Ford thinking when they published 47 / 47 estimates? I

would have been ok with low 40's but low 28-33 is not even in the ball.

park. Mark my words there will be no fix for this. Ford should offer. 

to take the cars back or offer cash compensation to offset the.

mileage claims. The EPA estimates will have to be adjusted to the mid.

30's and sell the cars as is. 

My dealer's sales and service department were ok at the beginning of the 

complaint process, but the dealership now has turned hostile and 

un-professional and suggested I sue Ford.

Ronald Kramer

Yankee Ford Customer

South Portland, Maine

Jan 23, 2013 12:40PM
I wouldn't label all Ford (or GM, or Chrysler) vehicles as "bad". Neither I would label Japanese automakers as "all good". Remember, there are good models and not-so-good models.
As an American Consumer, I want dependability first. I want to keep MY money in MY wallet, not in my mechanic's wallet. With this in mind, it's comforting to know that Toyota is investing incredible amount of money into R&D, which results in increased dependability.
Ford has made an incredible progress during the last couple of years, their vehicles' quality is much better than it was 5-10 years ago. If Ford and other American automakers keep putting efforts into quality of their vehicles, I'm sure soon enough our automakers will compete with the rest of the world. And, as a result, The American Consumer is going to win. 
Feb 5, 2013 7:00AM

I thought the C-MAX would be a Prius Killer? As a cross over buyer I feel deceived. I want to support US companies and US jobs. What was Ford thinking when they published 47/ 47 estimates? I would have been ok with low 40′s but low 28-33 is not even in the ballpark. Mark my words there will be no fix for this. Ford should offer to take the cars back or offer cash compensation to offset the mileage claims. The EPA estimates will have to be adjusted to the mid 30′s and sell the cars as is. My dealer’s sales and service department were ok at the beginning of the complaint process, but now have turned hostile and un-professional.

Ronald Kramer
Yankee Ford Customer
South Portland, Maine

Feb 2, 2013 9:20AM
Ronald  -  I had the same experience with Ford, sued them under the Moss act (I think) and won big time.   Ford is a company you can not trust!  They installed defective repair  parts for the year model of my car and never upgraded my car or the defective parts for 5 years (I had a extended warranty).  They will just fight you  in court.  It is a numbers game to them, I won, but Ford is betting you will not go threw with it, get tired as MOST do and Ford wins again ripping customers off.  Fight em if you have a good case.
Jan 17, 2013 12:36PM
AND.... being that it is a Ford, it will use no electricity OR fuel while it's riding on a flatbed!! OK, OK, that was uncalled for......sorry.
Jan 18, 2013 6:08AM
OK, since I'm one of those "diesel lovers" I will chime in about the fact that if Ford really wants "to be known to customers who want  fuel-efficient vehicles" why aren't they considering using diesels?  The technology is tried and true and will deliver the same or better fuel economy.  Until they adopt more diesel technology (which they have publicly stated they are not interested in doing) Ford will only be known to me for vehicles I am not interested in owning.
Jan 20, 2013 8:09PM
Did you hear about the one where Fords claimed 98% of Fords sold over the last 10 years are still on the road?  Yep.....the other 2% made it home.  
Jan 17, 2013 5:18PM

Well now we can quantify exactly how much Ford overpromises and underlivers.  20%.  Ok....I couldn't let Frosty have all the fun! 

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