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Official photos: BMW adds 3-series GT to 2014 lineup

New model goes on sale in summer.

By AutoWeek Feb 7, 2013 8:17AM

The BMW 3-series family is growing, as the German automaker adds a GT, or Gran Turismo, model to its lineup. The car launches this summer as a 2014 model after a reveal at the Geneva motor show.

The 3-series GT is 7.9 inches longer, has a 4.3-inch longer wheelbase and is 3.2 inches taller than the existing 3-series wagon. It also offers an elevated ride height, as the seats are 2.3 inches taller than the 3-series sedan.

In back, BMW says the GT variant offers 1 cubic foot more of space than does the wagon.

BMW already sells a 5-series GT.

BMW 3-Series GT (c) BMWDesign-wise, the GT carries most of the demeanor of its 3-series siblings, though the headlights get a slight silhouette around them and the hood is a bit more contoured.

The rear seats can be folded down in pieces, spaced out at intervals 40 percent, 20 percent and 40 percent. 

BMW 3-Series GT (c) BMW

The GT will be sold in several lines, including sport, modern and luxury, which vary the chrome and wheel packages. An M sport package offers a lowered suspension and aero treatments.

The machine will offer two engines: the 328i gets a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder rated at 240 hp and 255 lb-ft of torque, and the 335i is powered by a 300-hp, 300-lb-ft inline six. Both are paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Auto stop/start and a regenerative braking system are also offered.

-- Greg Migliore


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Feb 7, 2013 8:59AM
I will get flamed for this, but I like it.  First, this is a lift-back no matter what their marketing says.  I know it's heresy these days but I don't like station wagons, but I do like their practicality.  I absolutely love lift-backs, they give some of the practicality of a station wagon, but they don't look like a station wagon.  My problem with the 5 GT is that when the hatch is shut it doesn't look like a normal sedan.  With the 3 GT, it looks like from the few pictures provided that with the hatch shut it looks close to a normal sedan albeit with a more coupe like profile to the C-pillar.

That's one of the things that drew me to my RSX.  It is a hatchback, but since it is a lift-back style it doesn't look like a hatchback, it looks like a coupe.

"In back, says the GT variant offers 1 cubic foot more of space than does the wagon."  This however, raises my eyebrows.  As much as I love lift-backs I know that they do surrender some of the space provided by a more squared off roof line.  I suspect that they are comparing the longer wheel base lift-back's space to the space of the previous shorter wheelbase station wagon, which is hardly a fair comparison.

Now if we can only convince BMW to offer a 2 door lift-back, and a manual transmission.

Feb 10, 2013 6:10AM

Uggg...  It is better looking than a station wagon at least.  Though that isn't saying much.

Feb 7, 2013 9:47AM
Im with u on the styling. I also have a rsx 06 type-s black, it has a very nice coupe shape.
Feb 7, 2013 3:38PM

This actually does look like a decent car. I like the utility aspect of it. If I could nit-pick something though, it would be the folding rear seats. They don't seem to fold flat. That will compromise some utility for the price of comfort of a rear seat passenger. 


Feb 9, 2013 7:45AM
"If I could nit-pick something though, it would be the folding rear seats. They don't seem to fold flat."

Most of the contemporary designs are like that nowadays, even in station wagons. I do not know why that is, just that it is that way. Like you, I would prefer they laid down flat.
Feb 7, 2013 3:24PM
I like it better than the 5 series GT.
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