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Google Glass? Not while driving, W.Va. legislators say

State lawmakers move to ban drivers from wearing the tech giant's latest innovation.

By James_Tate Mar 26, 2013 12:06PM

Google Glass is coming, but maybe not in a car near you.

Ten legislators in West Virginia are moving to amend the state's vehicle laws to include a ban on the tech company’s upcoming wonder device, and other states are likely to follow suit.

But while you might be quick to side with lawmakers, a closer look might have you believing that such a device might actually have safety benefits.


Today, we constantly take our eyes off the road – to change tracks on head units, to manipulate functions on iPods and to check navigation directions in the center console. With Google Glass, all of those visualizations could be moved directly into your line of sight, with their actions dictated only by voice, potentially serving to prevent accidents.

That being said, though, Republican Del. Gary G. Howell, the man leading the charge against “wearable computers with head-mounted displays,” makes a good point.

“Unlike a head-up display in a car or even a fighter jet,” he said, “that information is crucial to the operator. Can you imagine a fighter pilot watching cat videos in a multimillion-dollar aircraft?”

Howell says it to be the responsibility of the manufacturer to set limits on what can and can’t be done while the glasses are in motion, say over a certain speed. That’s a great idea in principle, but just ask owners of jailbroken iPhones how well attempts at policing technology actually work.


So what happens if you get caught wearing Google Glass while driving? The first fine would be a $100 ticket. Each consecutive time you get caught, the fine would go up by $100. Do it 15 times, and you’ll have spent as much in tickets as you did on the cool new glasses themselves.


[Sources:; West Virginia Legislature;; photo via MSN]

Jan 9, 2014 2:31PM
I hope my state, California, enacts stiff laws regarding Google Glass wearers. We do not need more distractions while driving...
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