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Dodge to Replace Challenger with Barracuda?

Report says 2014 model would celebrate nameplate's 50th anniversary, shrink the footprint of Dodge's muscle-car offering.

By Joshua Condon Jan 9, 2012 1:00PM
Dodge Challenger. (Photo by Chrysler.)Motor Trend is serving up some hot Motor City muscle-car rumors, citing two "unimpeachable — though not inside — sources" who say that Chrysler/Fiat is working on a Barracuda replacement for the Dodge Challenger. Should it prove true, the new Dodge Barracuda could be ready in time for the 50th anniversary of the classic Plymouth muscle car, which rolls around a couple months before the Mustang's 50th in April 2014.

Keeping in mind that this is all just conjecture, MT speculates that the new 'Cuda wouldn't share the LY platform used with the Charger and the Chrysler 300, opting instead to go "shorter, lighter and smaller overall than the current [Challenger]," likely with a shorter rear-wheel-drive platform "closer to the Hyundai Genesis coupe."

What that means, of course, is that Fiat's Alfa Romeo could also make use of the platform -- and that means engine options could range from a V8 for the Barracuda to a turbo four in the Alfa.

Lastly, MT says a fastback design is an option, but a notchback more likely, as it would also allow Dodge to throw another drop-top into the mix to compete with the open-air muscle from Ford and Chevrolet.

[Source: Motor Trend.]

Jul 22, 2012 5:08AM

Give me back my 66 Cuda with its 273 CID engine,  727 Torque Flight Tranny.  My wife and I put 208,000 miles on ours and it was only when the family started to arrive (son and daughter) that we moved up to the 73 Polara.  Desigh a new Cuda with a bit of the old lines and Chrysler will have a winner.  PS.  My Cuda use to eat 289 Ford Mustangs for lunch and even afew for dinner.

Feb 24, 2013 7:27PM
In my little  69  I acually  scared off  several hot  cars with much  bigger  engines  than my  slant  six  ,, the  car  ran  good , sounded  great and  with slightly  offset carb and timing  ,, it idled  like  a big  engine  with  a threequarter  race cam  LOL.   It had  two speeds  as  with most Barracuda's ,,,, Here and  Gone :)  loved  that  car and  still shed  a  tear  now  and  then when I think  of my  cuda . It also gave  me  really excellent  gas mileage ,,
Mar 2, 2012 6:40PM
I agree if they want to bring back the Cuda by all means bring it back but leave the Challenger where it is after all when there is a choice it helps all involved....but on that note I experienced the 426 Hemi Cuda' back in the day and loved the experience....
Mar 31, 2012 9:31AM
To Bison, cause there isn't anything cooler than Barraaaa, Barra CUUUDDDDAAAA!!! Buying the first Barracuda in the town of Owosso Michigan as a 19 year old kid I wish I still had that Chop Shop Valiant with the Hurst four on the floor **** Under Glass Machine. As a hormonal raging young man the fold down back seat, 1/2 inch foam padded 1 1/2 inch shag rug fun buggy was the thing. Hence **** under Glass. Bring er on!
Jan 10, 2012 7:35AM

MT you tease me so. A lighter coupe AND the Barracuda name. I'm excited about the new Super Bee model and now this bit of conjecture..... Figure it out Sergio, lets go here. I like a mix of old and new in the product lines. There is nothing wrong with having 40+ mpg misers in the stable along with ground pounding monsters that live on "heritage" nameplates.

Feb 24, 2013 7:17PM
My first car was a 69 plymouth Barracuda with a slant six engine,, it  was an injustice when the smart @#$% powers quit making  the barracuda,, But  this new shrunken look just like  every other crysler on  the  road is  an insult  to  the  cuda  name. guess thats  what happens  when  you sell out  america too people  whith  these  great  idea's and crap  for  knowledge  of an  american Mopar  Icon  . :( 
Jan 9, 2012 4:25PM

a good idea for the platform sharing. i have heard some demand for the barracuda.

true they could still produce both the cuda and challenger.

interesting indeed.

my big question is are they going to bring back the plymouth name?? and for what?

maybe rebrand fiats as plymouth? how would the dealer net works work?

(sell it as a dodge or chrysler)


Jan 9, 2012 4:00PM
I don't understand why Motor Trend would spread such viscous rumors. People who write this kind of crap should be fired! Why would Chrysler kill off the Challenger? That would be absolutely stupid! It would be like GM killing off the Camaro and Firebird in 2002, and we all know the impact that had. If anything, they could offer the Barracuda as a trim model, like the Daytona. Another thing, though Plymouth was a great brand and produced some cool cars over the years, that brand has been dead for a decade now. Why would they want to resurrect a nameplate from a brand that is dead? 
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