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2014 Toyota 4Runner gets mid-cycle refresh

Integrated computer systems built for off road.

By AutoWeek Apr 29, 2013 10:08AM

The Toyota 4Runner is getting a mid-cycle refresh for 2014. The Japanese giant gave the SUV a new exterior treatment, interior refinements and added some comfort and convenience options. The 270-hp, 4.0-liter V6 is the only engine available.

The V6 makes 278 lb-ft, and puts power down to the rear wheels in two-wheel drive vehicles through a five-speed automatic transmission. Towing is rated at 5,000 pounds.

The 4Runner SR5 and Trail 4x4 models have a two-speed, part-time four-wheel drive system, which helps to improve fuel economy when cruising on the road. The Limited has full-time four-wheel drive with a locking differential and three-mode switch.

The Limited model also gets what Toyota calls its X-REAS suspension, which automatically adjusts damping force when riding over bumps or cornering. The system also uses a center-control absorber to cross link shocks on opposite corners of truck, reducing pitch and yaw.

The A-TRAC system is the 4Runner’s version of torque vectoring; it can send driving force to any wheel that has contact with the road. The system is standard on all 4x4 models.

Lastly in the 4Runner’s alphabet soup is CRAWL. When the transfer case is shifted into low, the system regulates engine speed and output to move the vehicle forward at one of the five selectable low-speed settings. This allows the driver to concentrate on steering input without having to modulate the gas and brake.

The 2014 model also gets a redesigned front fascia with smoked headlights and a more aggressive front grille. The SR5 and Trail trims feature a body color grille insert and fog lights that are cut into the bumper. The Trail model also gets body color bumpers and a hood scoop.

(c) Toyota

The Limited model has a chrome-plated grille insert and chrome front and rear bumpers. The side molding, and roof rack are also chrome, while the headlights are upgraded to projector beams. The SR5 and Trail trims get 17-inch wheels, the Limited gets 20s, which are painted black prior to machining.

Inside, the SR5 and Trail models get the Soft Touch upgrade, which adds finer materials to the doors, steering wheel and shift knob. The base SR5 gets a new Optitron instrument panel that features speed, tach, voltage, fuel and coolant temp gauges, as well as an Eco-Driving feedback system.

Seats can be trimmed in fabric or SoftTex and the second-row chairs feature armrests and recline up to 16 degrees. Third row seating is offered on SR5 and Limited trims.

The Limited trim gets leather seats as standard, with ventilated and heated driver and passenger chairs. Both front seats come standard with memory functions.

2014 Toyota 4Runner (c) Toyota

Other features include keyless entry, pullout cargo deck and the Entune multimedia system. All 4Runners also come standard with a 120V outlet, rearview camera and a front and rear ground clearance sonar system.

The 2014 Toyota 4Runner will hit dealerships in early September. Pricing hasn’t been revealed yet. Last year’s SUV started at $32,335 with an $845 destination charge.

-- Jake Lingeman

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Apr 29, 2013 5:17PM

I have had a Forerunner when I think they looked better but under powered in the late 1990's.

The front end is fugly, go to dictionary you'll see the new SUV, I have always been a fan but not anymore, same thing with the new Pathfinder which I have owned two new ones. Looks like an oversized couch, what were they thinking...??

Apr 29, 2013 3:22PM
UGLY  UGLY  UGLY !!!  Y'all can have it !  Don't care how capable an offroader it is,  I still have to glance at a Vehicle while I approach it,  and this ranks among the Ugliest !
Apr 29, 2013 2:27PM

While not a Toyota fan, I will say that the 4 Runner was (IMO) one of the only Toyota's that I would have wanted.  To add to that, it seems that the 4 Runner was one of the few Toyota's that wasn't/isn't always being recalled!  Then this!


Not sure what they are trying to achieve with a face only a (blind) mother could love, but they have succeeded in placing it on the "recall" list:  just one more Toyota that I would rather not recall it terms of looks!  From the front only, it appears to be a transformer toy.

Apr 30, 2013 5:38AM

The new Forerunner is a very nice vehicle but the old 4.0L V6 engine although reliable is well, a gas hog. Mine would only get a lousy 19mpg. Got rid of it and got a new Outback and am much happier with the size, off-road capability and especially the 30mpg. Toyota has fallen behind others with the mileage capabilities of their trucks and truck based suvs.

Apr 30, 2013 10:08AM
wonder what is wrong with this Toyota, everything they make has some sort of serious safety defect!
Apr 30, 2013 7:00AM
Nice of the photographer, or publisher, to distort the photos so we can't really see what it looks like. Also, my Highlander has the same tow rating and you are not going to drag around 5,000 lbs with these rigs. It's the same as with all manufacturers, they lie about it's true towing capabilities.
 @ expert, 19 mpg is "lousy" for a true off road capable SUV of this size, really?? Your Outback cannot go where the 4Runner goes, nor will it tow anything or haul as much gear. If you never needed the size and capability of a 4Runner, sounds like you made a mistake and have now found the right vehicle for yourself. My Highlander gets 23 hwy mpg, for a 270 hp SUV that can carry 7 people, that's pretty darn good! True, the Suburban gets almost as good of gas mileage while being much larger, but it also has a dog of an engine in it and cannot go over anything higher than 8 inches. Sounds like you just needed a CAR that can go off the road a tad and carry a few passengers. Outbacks are notorious for problems, good luck with it.
 Agreed, it's not "beautiful" but it is "capable" and "reliable".

Apr 29, 2013 12:08PM
I have never really been impressed with the 2010 4Runner as it straddled the line between "mom car" and "excessively chunky and seemingly incapable off-raod wannabe", but this one is just PERFECT. Amazing that one of the few SUV's that tries to remain true to it's roots would be a Toyota!
Apr 29, 2013 12:25PM

While it isn't without it's flaws, it's still one of the few Toyotas that is actually interesting and meant for enthusiasts. 

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