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Video: Audi plays paintball with RS4 Avants

Enjoy it on screen, as this 450-horsepower station wagon isn't coming to our shores.

By AutoWeek Feb 27, 2013 8:27AM

It's not so much that your author has anything against paintball, per se. Running around while zapping one's friends is a time-honored recreational tradition. It's just, um, paintball enthusiasts who often seem to get his goat.

The same could be said for the current generation of stereotypical Audi drivers. The latest generation of cars from Ingolstadt has finally mitigated the nose-heavy feeling he didn't enjoy in previous automobiles from the company. The people, however. Ergh.

We doubt there's much crossover between the two groups -- except, perhaps in Silicon Valley, where we have no doubt paintball is a team-building exercise; perhaps “ironically” enjoyed by the hipster tech kids bent on San Francisco's mid-Market.

And that, perhaps, is the demo Audi's courting here. They've affixed paintball guns to a pair of RS4 Avants -- done up in Spy-vs.-Spy black and white, natch -- and set them loose in a hangar, framing the whole shebang with a smidge of Super Nintendo-vintage video-gaminess.

Due to a lack of stateside hyper-Avant availability, the Silicon Valley kids will have to keep their RS4 wagons at their European residences, perhaps parked alongside their PlayStation-era RS2s.

-- Davey G. Johnson


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Feb 27, 2013 9:03AM
Cool video.  Looks like a lot of fun.
Mar 2, 2013 11:16AM
Reminds me of Super Cars II on the Commodore Amiga... nevertheless, childish and immature. Which part of me is this supposed to appeal to, when I was nine? Did you notice how most of the commercial advertising to adults is attempting to appeal to children's memories, effectively treating adults as overgrown children? Makes me both disgusted and insulted every time.

If you want to advertise to me, appeal to my sense of being an intelligent and educated buyer; DO NOT TELL ME WHAT TO DO OR WHAT I DESERVE -- YOU HAVE NO RIGHT -- AND DO NOT INSULT MY INTELLIGENCE BY ATTEMPTING TO APPEAL TO THE CHILD IN ME!

And yes, I keep my sportwagon in Europe because car choices in the United States suck monkey balls.
Shame on the vehicle manufacturers' management, SHAME!

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