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Lamborghini Aventador limousine in the works

The planned stretch supercar is mad, but it’s a fun kind of madness.

By James_Tate Mar 18, 2013 5:14AM

British firm Cars For Stars has released specs for a stretch limousine version of the Lamborghini Aventador supercar.

The company envisions an Aventador with all the trappings of a modern limo and a Lamborghini, from an extra set of scissor doors to a bar, plasma televisions and more.

The difficulty in building a real Aventador limo would be crafting a one-of-a-kind tub, as the standard Aventador is made from carbon fiber.

The practical difficulty, on the other hand, will be funding the project. To that end, Cars For Stars has offered anyone who steps up to help finance the car a year of free advertising on the limo itself, as well as the right to name the finished creation.

As unusual as the Aventador limo concept is, this isn’t the first time someone’s had the notion to elongate one of Lamborghini's finest for the rich and powerful. A British company unveiled plans for a Gallardo-based limo back in 2008, though it appears never to have seen production.

At least two Countach limos were built, both in America. One was smartly -- if the word is to be applied to a stretch Lamborghini -- made from a replica rather than an actual Countach, though the project hit a series of difficulties, resulting in an inconsistent level of fit and finish. The other was built and is still owned by White Rose Limousines of Orange County, Calif., though it is no longer available for rental. The White Rose Countach limo is another replica, this one an open-top roadster with flat-screen TVs and a heart-shaped Jacuzzi hot tub. We guess if you’re going to do it, you may as well go all-out.

It’s easy to look at the prospective design for the Aventador limo and recoil in horror, outraged that anyone would defile such a quintessential supercar in such fashion. In the end, though, there are so many things to get legitimately upset about in this world, and it’s not as if Lamborghini is running out of Aventadors for wealthy owners to flog about highways worldwide, so why not?

So, in the spirit of “that’s crazy but it’s our kind of crazy,” we hope someone steps up and helps the stretch Aventador get built -- and that someone actually rents it, takes it to the nearest flat expanse and strings it out mercilessly for the cameras. Let the silliness commence.

Lamborghini Aventador limo (c) Cars for Stars

[Sources: Cars For Stars via Automobile;;; White Rose Limousine; photo via Cars For Stars]

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