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Audi to debut 'Matrix' LED headlights synced with GPS

LEDs can be separately activated, deactivated or dimmed to adjust the light for any situation.

By Douglas Newcomb Jan 23, 2013 11:23AM

Audi Matrix LED headlights. Photo by Audi.Audi’s LED daytime running lights have been such a hit that nearly every automaker, from Mercedes-Benz to Mitsubishi, has emulated their eye-catching look. But while other brands copy Audi, the German luxury automaker’s next lighting innovation is its Matrix LED technology, which will debut later this year.

Here, the light-emitting diodes for the high beams are subdivided into several different segments. The individual LEDs can be independently activated, deactivated or dimmed. They also work in conjunction with lenses or reflectors to adjust light according to environmental situations.

They even receive information from an onboard camera and the car’s navigation system and don’t require the swiveling mechanism necessary for active headlight systems that turn the beams in the direction the wheel is turned.

When the camera detects other vehicles, the high-beam light that’s subdivided into various sectors can be blocked in a certain subarea. Audi said the Matrix LED headlights can also illuminate the spaces among several vehicles. Using navigation data, the high-beam light can automatically adjust to illuminate a curve before the driver even begins to turn the steering wheel, allowing the high beams to guide the driver along the road.

So what’s next? In developing future automotive lighting technologies, Audi said it has identified four key trends: Lighting will react even more with environmental conditions, communicate with other car systems, feature full-electronic control and “be even more attractive and distinctive based on new dynamic functions.”

That is, it will offer better lighting but also look really cool. Expect to see them first on Audi's top-end models, the R8 -- which was the first Audi to offer LED headlights -- and the A8.

[Source: Audi]

Jan 24, 2013 8:44AM
I agree that they have started a fad but this is getting a bit ridiculous. Maybe they should make them spell things backwards so the person ahead of you can read them in their rear view mirror. Something like "get the **** out of my way".
Jan 25, 2013 11:56AM

Nothing like seeing a burnt out LED DRL on a relatively new $ 120000 German car.  You know where these diodes are comming from?  From the capitol of c_r_a_p CHINA.

Love seeing all the posts ranting about how American's make gargbage, garbage cars, garbage this garbage that, and we rationalize that that is the reason Detroit has crumbled.

Chinese products suffer from being the most poorly manufactured products.

Yet we kid ourselves that the sloppy workmanship of union employees killed the auto industry.

China is being helped out by an extremely under valued monetary system, an advantage they work hard to keep, just like the advantage of cheap steel was exploited by the Japanese,

So lets stop kidding ourselves about how we got into this current economic mess, and figure out a real way out of it.

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