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Ford, State Farm Offer Auto Insurance Discount

Sync system’s Vehicle Health Report allows insurer access to miles-driven data.

By Douglas Newcomb May 30, 2012 1:39PM

Ford Sync Vehicle Health Report. Image by Ford.Ford and State Farm have teamed up to offer discounts to drivers who use the Sync system’s Vehicle Health Report. The feature allows owners to register a vehicle on the SyncMyRide website, then request diagnostic reports concerning performance and maintenance. Because Vehicle Health Report gets an odometer reading directly from the engine computer, the mileage is considered verified by State Farm and can be used by the car owner to qualify for the discount.


The program is called Drive Safe & Save. Owners of Ford vehicles that include the Sync system and have the Vehicle Health Report feature activated will be able to reduce their auto insurance premiums according to the mileage driven. The size of the savings depends on how much the car is driven, but by enrolling in the program, State Farm customers and Ford Sync owners will save about 5 percent on their premiums right off the bat. The discount will then be adjusted at each renewal date based on the number of miles driven during that period.


Ford and State Farm say that customers driving the national average of 1,000 miles per month will typically save around 10 percent -- but low-mileage drivers could save much more, up to 40 percent. While some look at it as a chance to save, others view it as a move by auto insurers to use more mileage-measuring technology to more accurately keep tabs on drivers by offering discounts as an incentive.


Ford isn’t the first to team with an auto insurer, or even State Farm. OnStar has been offering a discount via GMAC insurance since 2008. The GM subsidiary also has its own Drive Safe & Save program with State Farm as well as discounts arrangements with three other insurers -- if subscribers allow an insurer access to miles-driven data collected by OnStar. However, unlike OnStar, Ford Sync’s Vehicle Health Report feature doesn’t require a subscription.


The Ford/State Farm Drive Safe & Save program is launching in Utah and will then roll out on a larger scale from there.

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