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Honda recalls over 320,000 vehicles worldwide for faulty door locks

Honda CR-V, Acura ILX models are affected.

By Exhaust Notes Jul 19, 2012 5:50AM
The Acura ILX. Photo by Acura.Honda Motor Corp. announced today that it will recall 321,453 Honda CR-V and Acura ILX vehicles worldwide to replace malfunctioning door locks. In the U.S., the recall will affect 166,000 Honda CR-V crossovers from model year 2012 and 6,200 Acura ILX sedans from model year 2013.

According to a statement by American Honda, "Simultaneous operation of the driver's or passenger's inner door handle and either the manual or power door lock may result in the inner door handle release cable becoming partially disengaged." This malfunction means the door may not latch properly, or could cause the door to open unexpectedly.

No accidents or injuries stemming from the issue have been reported, according to Honda.

Affected owners should begin receiving letters from the manufacturer with instructions beginning in mid-August.

[Source: Detroit Free Press.]
Jul 19, 2012 7:06AM

Funny to see that MSN always targets Honda and Toyota, but they neglected to report on the Ford Escape major recall for engine fires. 

Jul 19, 2012 8:36AM
When Honda and Toyota have recalls, it's like the biggest news of the day. When GM, Ford, or Chrysler have recalls...its "ho-hum". Toyota and Honda have had their problems, but name me an automaker who hasn't had to deal with recalls. If you buy a car expecting it to get 500,000 miles with no problems, you're in trouble. Now that cars are becoming these drive by wire, digital entertainment, and intuitive safety gadgets, you can expect more problems. Consumers are demanding all of the these great gadgets and features, but they don't want the growing pains that come along with it. There's no single car that will make everybody happy. The way I look at it, it seems like everything I buy (including food) has had a recall at one time or another. Some comments on here are so stupid and biased....or just plain wierd!
Jul 19, 2012 6:50AM
reliability,honesty,and  accountability..........trademarks of a great corporation.
Jul 19, 2012 7:40AM

The more tech they toss in modern cars, the more they break.


Funny now that GM & Chysler are in bed with the Government , how they don't plaster all their millions of recalled cars all over the media anymore...

Jul 19, 2012 8:02AM
ws6 what about over 14 million ford recalls for the abillity to ignite when running or not
Jul 19, 2012 9:04AM
So just to be guys still think that your form of transportation is what "makes you a man"?  Really progressive.  It's like 1962 and I'm driving in my Dads' Impala.  Hey...lets go down to the burger joint and ...well, you know the rest.  News Flash there slick...your character is what makes you a man, not the car you drive.  If it were based on your car then some of the most spineless, cowardly dweebs that I have ever met (who drive a Corvette) would fit your bill as a "real man".  Pathetic. I  have owned many American Cars as well as a Honda.  Both had good and bad points although the Honda is boilerplate.  The thing is as reliable as the Atomic Clock.  My first Saturn SL2 was the same as is my 1988 Sabb 900 rag top.  Sorry guys, your car is simply what you drive.  A true stand up guy is a man no matter what he drives.
Jul 19, 2012 10:03AM
jesse lindell you are terribly misinformed. Most Honda vehicles are made from about 70% American products while other so called American cars are around 50%. So technically buying a Honda would be supporting your own country more than buying say a Chevy. I understand people wanting to suppport American made, but get your information straight before trying to talk about something you have absolutely NO clue about. Do a Google search for "is my car American or not" and look at the top cars made in America...... you will be surprised by what you see.
Jul 19, 2012 10:08AM
To all of the retarded bloggers here that base the quality of a certain manufacturer's products on the number of recalls that they have, how can you call Hondas and Toyotas junk but not Fords, GMs and Chryslers? Look at the numbers below and see what a fool you are. Here is the count (according to the NHTSA's website) for the first six months of 2012.

#1 Ford, with 14
#2 Chrysler, with 9
#3  Nissan and Honda tied with 8
# 4 GM, with 7
#5 Toyota, with 6

  The numbers are all so close it's pretty silly to be arguing about it but I do have to say that if you're going to call someone's products junkier than others based on this nonsense, wouldn't that award have to go to the first few spots on the list? Just saying, this argument is dumb enough without some calling one brand junk when the brand that they prefer has MORE recalls.


Jul 19, 2012 9:51AM

Jesse Lindell, where was your car made?  How many of the parts were made here?  Mine was made in the good ole' USA.  It contains more American made parts than any other model.  My car is a Toyota Camry -- made in Kentucky and Indiana.  Pretty American if you ask me.

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