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Recall: 26,582 Buicks, Cadillacs for transmission software

The 2013 Buick LaCrosse and Cadillac SRX may shift out of manual mode unexpectedly.

By Exhaust Notes Mar 20, 2013 1:26PM
General Motors is recalling 26,582 vehicles to fix transmission software that could place the car in the wrong gear, according to filings with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The automatic transmissions on the 2013 Buick LaCrosse and Cadillac SRX could switch out of manual mode unexpectedly, which would reduce the effect of engine braking. GM said it first noticed the problem in January on a 2014 SRX belonging to its engineering team and found that the transmission was shifting into sport mode rather than holding the desired gear in manual mode.

Dealers will reprogram the transmission computer beginning March 28. Buick owners can call 1-866-694-6546, and Cadillac owners can call 1-866-982-2339 for more information.

[Source: NHTSA]
Mar 20, 2013 4:07PM

Honda just had a big recall and then a smaller recall on Hondas that are old but still on the road.

They all have their problems.   I prefer American made so Americans can have jobs.  Have driven GM products for almost 60 years and have had few problems.  And service costs are within reason, whereas, some foreign made cars cost a tremendous amount for service & repairs.  My grandchildren mostly drive expensive imports and then cry about not being able to afford a home.

Wonder when 2 plus 2 will equal 4 for them?  Some think they can have it all but the reality is one must make choices. 



Mar 20, 2013 4:07PM
Really people. It"s the first major recall for GM in years and it is only covering 27k cars total.  What is that a tenth of what Toyota has recalled in the last 4 years. Growing pains for a newer thinner GM. And not all Americans prefer imports
Good Americans don't send their money to Japan, S. Korea, and Germany
Mar 20, 2013 4:03PM
quitarick820 aught to check the number of recalls fro Toyota and Honda this makes the U.S. made look perfect.
Mar 20, 2013 4:25PM
The domestics are quick to issue recalls, even if it's only affecting engineering prototypes, they issue to any vehicle with similar hardware or electronics... even if it's 10+ years since the cars were initially put into service... far better, IMHO, than the imports that deny there was ever a problem in the first place... at least, until the Highway Safety Administration starts investigating their vehicles...
Mar 20, 2013 4:00PM
We buy imports so we can have sticking gas pedals.
Mar 20, 2013 6:25PM
Some of the people talking sh!t about GM are idiots.. Gm has had a small number of recalls compared to others such as Toyota who recalled the following number of cars in 2012 alone:

7.43 million on October 10th, 2012

2.77 million on November 14th, 2012

and over 1 million Corollas and Lexus models to start 2013 off!

So all you GM haters, the truth must hurt that no one, and I mean no one has the sheer number of recalls that Toyota has for some very serious safety problems.  We owned a Prius that was piece of poo poo!  11 recalls over 5 years and we'd had enough.  so before you look foolish with your anti GM comments I dare you to compare the numbers.
Mar 20, 2013 6:03PM
Computers in the transmissions!!!  Not really that surprised.  Gone are the days of Rev it to the Red line, Pop the clutch and bang the gears.  Yaaa..
Mar 20, 2013 5:00PM

This act sounds far more responsible than the Japanese makers, especially Toyota, who wouldn't admit to their sticking gas pedal until being sued over it by the government. How many American idiots do you know who will can't wait to run out and buy their next rice burner from this company? Compared to U.S. cars, their vehicles no longer offer better quality control, better assembly processes, superior engineering or ergnomic design. Go to  a new car show in any American city this spring and compare the U.S. and Japanese cars. What you will find (if you know what you are looking at) is that the Japanese cars and trucks don't hold a candle to GM or Chrysler. Ford products, I am not as fond of, but they have come a long way in the last five years also. 


Be sure to check out Toyota's interiors and compare them to a similar Chrysler or GM model. Toyotas are by far chinsier in either truck or car form to a Dodge or GM. Their large truck model's interior is a cheap copy of of the Dodge Rams made between 2003 and 2006. They stole their styling from an American vehicle! Their drive trains no longer outlast a Dodge or GM drive train--no better there. About any car will go 200,000 miles with basic maintenance. How long do you want yours to last?


Toyota doesn't allow its workers to unionize. It has exactly zero (0) plants in the U.S. with unionized workers. In Japan, all of its hourly workers are unions. We give this company the right to invade our economy and then trample on our workers' rights. Stupid! Is that American to allow foreigners to take away our rights?  


There is no real reason to buy a Jap. or Korean vehicle, other than outright vanity and ignorance. Every time I see an Asian vehicle go down the street with an American flag or some patriotic bumper sticker on it, it makes me want to throw a rock at it! There are too many people in the military running around in rice burners and flaunting what worldly people they are by the vehicle they drive! How vain! Makes me want to take back my tax dollars from them! Why should they be allowed to support the economic enemy, while pretending to be patriotic Americans? Got me!


BTW, I don't work in the auto industry.

Mar 20, 2013 6:24PM

i will jsutstay with my 1994 gmc 1500 extended cab pickup, just had it painted and put a new 350  chevy engine in it, all for less than 5 grand, last me another 25 years, i hope lol, and wheni put it in gear? no computer to  mess with it,

Mar 20, 2013 6:23PM
I have always bought American made and shall continue.The only "dog" that I ever bought was a Plymouth Neon.Transmission problems.Never again Chrysler , will stick with GM.
Mar 20, 2013 5:12PM
Hey Tur      Stop ridin the brakes and, by ALL means, get a new mechanic.
Mar 20, 2013 4:41PM
Dodge Mini Van Fan, disappointed, 2006 Caravan SXT.  American Lemon.  My dad and I were big dodge fans but I bought the Farm with the 2006 Caravan SXT. 
8k, new front brakes, and cut rotors.  8k? 
14 k, Driverside, drive axle.
17k, front Brakes again.
23k front Brakes again.
23 K, power steering noise, Dealer blew out air? Then, at 
24, Rack and Pinion failure, seals break and start leaking.
27 k Front Brakes again.
34k Front Brakes again.
38 kWater Pump Failure
43 k alternator Failure ?
44 Front Brakes again.  This time, I found out, Chrysler dodge has a defected issue with the pins retracting on the calibers.  Drove to Pepboys, bought remanufactued units and Akibono Japanese Front brakes.  averaging out now 15 months usage.  Replaced rotors with High performance predilled to air out and cool.

58k  Radiator Failure?
59k  Transmission Replaced.
60k Tune UP.  Those plugs were rusted,  Replaced ignition coil module.
62k  Alternator Failure again.
70k  Power steering unit making noise,  Please pray for me.

Caravan is king in the snow and for a big family but I am afraid of putting down my windows sometimes.  Don't know what will happen.

Holly water and prayers is keeping me going.  

When she dies on me, I will probably crush her and send pictures to the CEO of Chrysler/Dodge. With love, X dodge client for 25 years.  NO more.  I am a Ford Men, now.  I own a ford focus, 2003, 10 years,  only two problems, the strut rotted off, that's ok.  and the alternator replacement.   $700 for an alternator,  I said no, I will still keep my focus, and I did the repair myself.  4 days later, I had her running.  The nice engineer for 2003 ford focus station wagon put the Alternator in the back of the engine.  Dual overhead Came.  Thank God for the Kmart rachet special.

Buy American!!!

Mar 20, 2013 5:44PM

Here is my understanding of why most manufacturers of any consumer product would issue a recall or be required to. An issue that could be dangerous to the public or in other words a safety issue is typically mandated by the govt. to protect the public safety.  This particular matter is a recall issue because the transmission could rev out of control as a result of the bad software code.


If the car has a quality issue that isn't safety related, but is a quality or endurance issue, a service bulletin serves to correct it.  A manufacturer can of course issue a recall to correct a quality or part defect with their product, no matter if it's a car, ratchet or box of rubber bands, if they want to.


Some manufacturers just ignore the issue, no matter if it endangers a consumer or not, such as in the case of the run-away Toyotas a couple of years ago.


Mar 20, 2013 4:34PM
Stupid idea to have software manage the mode when a mechanical system is more straightforward, reliable, and less expensive. How difficult would it be to hack into GM and introduce bugs to gain competitive advantage? If Chinese agents can hack defense contractors and government databases it's not a stretch to think they would hit automakers. 
Mar 20, 2013 8:22PM
I'm curious to know how many of you who buy only "GM", "Buy American", have only all American made products or merchandise in your home. I bet the cell/mobile phone your using is foreign made and that big flat screen "The idiot tube" that has you trained as "American couch potatoe's", probably a Foreign name product too which gave you the same mind set to think you "GM" is all "American".Sooo It may have a "foreign name" but made in the U.S.A. plants.. Hey, maybe U.S.A isn't soooo American anymore. Look around you. No one but the American Indians are the only made in America left. Let people make their money honestly and buy what ever they wish to fit the tab! So what, GM, Ford, Toyota, Honda, whooo freakin cares. t's all nuts and bolts at the end of the day and will need to be repaired somewhere down the road. that's what they all have in common "American" or "Foreign". If your ancestry isn't an American Indian then your a foreigner too! What possibly could be wrong with that? Annnnnnd, being the melting pot this country has come to be, their isn't any real full blooded American not mixed with something European, Ireland, Britain etc etc.. So stop the hypocritcy and put your foot to medal and off this site!
Mar 20, 2013 6:08PM
Reguardless of who the manufacturer is, the car of the future will likely be a let down, the government has mandated higher fuel standards,  in order to reach these standards the car will likely be made lighter and lighter, when you cut down on the mass of an object you lessen it's ability to dampen shakes and rattles, alot of the cars made today dent easily, a lighter car  would likely be less safe in a collision,  lighter cars don't drive as nicely as a heavier car,
Mar 20, 2013 6:37PM

Cars are nothing but a mechanical device to get you around.  Being such, it takes humans to design them.  Who has the best human minds, good question.  Who are the ones who are most honest and back their product, good question.  As far as American automakers, I can't say I support them.  Reason being they were crying how broke they were when they were dumping billions into China and selling Americans out for a buck.  Then on top of that they want you to buy American.  Something just doesn't seem right about that.  For whatever its worth, buy what you want, and if you are not happy with it, then don't buy another one.   Oh, the new sales pitch is about all the gadgets you can get in your car.  Watch out for those repair bills.  Happy Motoring.

Mar 20, 2013 5:50PM
It's disgusting to see all of these American bloggers defending their guilt about owning a Honda or Hyundai or whatever Asian vehicle they are running around in, trying to impress their neighbors and family with.  Some of them probably would have bought a new Mercedes during World War II, prior to Pearl Harbor, because it was the fashionable thing to do!!! That is what these dolts are saying to me. To hel with their neighbor who worked for GM or Ford-right??????????
Mar 20, 2013 10:03PM
Just what we need...more noise! And the they know they are supposed to obey the same rules of the road that motor vehicles have to?  Stopping at stop signs and stoplights...very few do that.  They wait until it's clear, or don't even stop, then jump across traffic, ignoring red lights and stop signs, all the while giving you a sarcastic look, or the finger if you blow your horn at them.
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