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The heated battle between white and silver continues.

By Claire_Martin Oct 11, 2012 5:15AM
Chevrolet Corvette photo by ChevroletIf Prince was penning his ode to America's muscle-car icon today, the title could very well be "Little White Corvette." An annual survey released by PPG Industries shows that red comprises just 9 percent of car purchases worldwide, while white snags 22 percent. Muted tones, generally, are the most popular, with silver, black and gray falling in line behind white.

The color wars reveal regional preferences: White is the No. 1 color everywhere, but silver and white are equally beloved in the Asia-Pacific region. Europeans aren't as enamored of silver (13 percent buy in that hue), and they purchase red, gold/tan and blue with equal fervor (7 percent). In North America, black is the second most popular, with silver and gray tied for third. 

Even though buyers gravitate toward white, 45 percent would prefer a broader range of colors to choose from, according to The Detroit Free Press

They'll soon get their way: As we reported in July, earth tones are beginning to make a resurgence. They're expected to start muscling out silver, black and white, which currently make up 50 percent to 80 percent of car colors.

And PPG recently announced that it will begin adding a bit of flair to its palette for 2015-16 car models, infusing green into a metallic paint to create a hue it's calling Al Fresco; mixing silver and magenta to make so-called Elixir; and blending iridescent gold and gray for Victoria Gray. 

New driver assist systems add extra layer of protection for occupants of upcoming all-new crossover.

By Douglas Newcomb 4 hours ago

Volvo run-off road protection. Image by Volvo.Driver assist systems ranging from active cruise control to lane-keep assist are making driving easier and safer, and are also becoming more common on a variety of vehicles. That means that Volvo, an automotive brand synonymous with safety for decades, has to go even further to stand out from an increasingly competitive and safer crowd of cars.

For the launch of its upcoming 2016 XC90 crossover, Volvo is debuting two new driver assistance systems: run-off road protection and auto brake at intersections.

“These two world-firsts are further examples of how new technologies target substantial real-life traffic problems,” Lotta Jakobsson, senior technical specialist for safety at Volvo Cars Safety Center, said in a statement.


What's at stake in reports and rumors on a possible Volkswagen and Fiat Chrysler deal.

By James_Tate 8 hours ago

The German business magazine Manager set off a firestorm of speculation last week by reporting that not only was Volkswagen Automotive Group (VAG) head Ferdinand Piech interested in acquiring Fiat Chrysler (FCA), but that he had discussed the possibility with the Agnelli and Elkann families, who currently hold a 30 percent ownership stake in FCA.

For their part, all parties have denied any talk of a merger, but that isn’t stopping industry analysts from speculating on the whys and wherefores of such a deal as rumors of Piech’s motivations continue to spark intrigue.

What is commonly known is this: Piech’s grand vision for Volkswagen Automotive Group is no less than becoming the biggest auto builder in the world. Piech has publicly coveted Fiat Chrysler's sub-brand Alfa Romeo, most famously in statements at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, annoying FCA Chairman Sergio Marchionne enough to challenge Piech to a "showdown at dawn." Through a source within Piech’s inner circle, Automotive News claims his endgame is a resurrection of the Auto Union name for his theoretical behemoth. The source also says that Piech wants to put his plan into motion sooner rather than later -- whatever that means.


Surround view and side view cameras can help drivers into and out of tight spots.

By Douglas Newcomb 9 hours ago

Backup cameras are not new and they will soon be mandatory on all passenger vehicles. Using multiple cameras so the driver can get a view of different areas around a vehicle is also becoming more common.

For example, Nissan pioneered the overhead “bird’s-eye” perspective with its Around View camera system that was originally available only on its premium Infiniti brand vehicles. But now it’s offered even on the entry-level Versa Note.

The 2015 BMW 428i Gran Coupe I recently tested has about the same number of cameras and views as the Nissan Note, even though it’s a much more expensive vehicle. (And, of course, it’s much more luxurious and has much better performance.) While I’ve previously used all of the camera features found on the 428i in other vehicles, while testing the car I found myself in a situation that gave me new appreciation for the technology.

And during a tropical storm to boot.


Safety tech for new fortwo highlighted in offset test.

By AutoWeek 13 hours ago

The newest versions of the smart fortwo and the smart forfour are just around the corner, and Daimler is set to reassure potential buyers that the diminutive hatches can take a serious hit and still allow its driver and passenger to emerge unscathed.

To this end Mercedes-Benz has pitted the upcoming ForTwo hatch against one of the largest cars in the Stuttgart-based manufacturer's lineup; the new S-Class.

Mercedes-Benz set up the crash test with 50 percent overlap between the S-Class and the 9-foot-long smart fortwo, with a combined impact speed of 31 mph. In creating the new fortwo, Mercedes-Benz's parent company Daimler says that it has undergone the same development program as the vehicle it's going up against, which in this case has more than double the curb weight of the still-small ForTwo (5,088 pounds versus 2,478 pounds).


Report says autonomous technology could benefit criminals.

By Douglas Newcomb Mon 10:44 AM

Lexus self-driving car prototype. Photo by Toyota.Like any technology, self-driving cars could potentially lead to more driver convenience -- and a lot fewer crashes -- but also to some unintended consequences. One of these, according to a recent FBI report, is the potential for criminals and terrorists to abuse autonomous cars to more easily do their dirty work.

In the unclassified but restricted report obtained by British newspaper The Guardian, the FBI said “the risk that distraction or poor judgment leading to collision that stems from manual operation would be substantially reduced” by self-driving cars. And it added that autonomous technology could be approved by the U.S. government within five to seven years.

But while the FBI believes that self-driving cars “will make mobility more efficient,” it said in the report that the technology “will also open up greater possibilities … for a car to be more of a potential lethal weapon.” It predicted that “bad actors will be able to conduct tasks that require use of both hands or taking one’s eyes off the road, which would be impossible today.”


Prototyping company builds a Viper ragtop without official factory approval.

By AutoWeek Mon 6:50 AM

That’s the thing about Americans -- when we don’t like something, we change it. When we want something that doesn’t exist, we simply build it. So is the case with the Medusa, the Prefix Corp.’s take on a drop-top fifth-generation Dodge Viper.

We haven’t seen an open-air model since the “Final Edition” run in 2010, and by the reaction of the crowd in Auburn Hills, Mich., the Viperati are ready for another one.

“It’s gorgeous,” said George Batejan, a Viper owner. “We have three Vipers already and may be in the market for a fourth.”

“Awesome, beautiful,” said ’96 GTS owner Jeffery Millek. “How could it not be a great design?”

Prefix says this prototype was built to gauge reaction, without Dodge's knowledge. Prefix owner Kim Zeile has 10 brand-new Vipers sitting in the shop right now, ready for the transformation. It would take about eight weeks, by conservative estimates, Zeile said.


While that number is five times what Maserati sold last year, it's supposed to ensure the Italian brand's exclusivity.

By Clifford Atiyeh Mon 6:40 AM
Maserati, despite a penchant for parts-sharing with cheaper cars and a new directive to be a volume brand, won't sell more than 75,000 models a year.

According to Reuters and Bloomberg, that's the limit the Italian automaker has self-imposed to keep its "exclusivity." Under the umbrella of Fiat Chrysler and the direction CEO Sergio Marchionne, Maserati has gone downmarket in an effort to boost sales and make the trident marque more popular against mainstream luxury competitors.

Last year, Maserati sold just over 15,000 cars worldwide and wants to ramp up to 75,000 by 2018. At that time, the Levante SUV, a new Alfieri coupe and an updated GranTurismo coupe and convertible will be available from Maserati, not to mention a host of diesel engines. By next year, Maserati plans to double its dealerships to 500. 

Base 3.7-liter good for 300 hp, while the 2.3-liter EcoBoost kicks out 310 hp.

By AutoWeek Fri 5:59 AM

We’ve known the new 2015 Ford Mustang was going to be more powerful than the car it replaces since it was revealed late last year, but the Blue Oval has been cagey with the details. Today, the automaker has revealed output information, and it looks good so far.

The 5.0-liter V8 is probably what fans are most excited to hear about -- it’s good for 435 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. That’s a tidy 15 hp and 10 lb-ft increase over the outgoing model, and it’s within spitting distance of the 444-hp Boss 302. Not bad.

The two other motors aren’t too shabby, either. The 3.7-liter V6 gets 300 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque, and the turbocharged 2.3-liter inline-four EcoBoost puts down a very respectable 310 hp and 320 lb-ft. For some perspective, the V8-powered 2005 Ford Mustang GT put down just 300 hp, so we’ve clearly come a long way -- and there’s no telling just what other, even hotter versions of this new Mustang are in the works.



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