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15 most boring cars money can buy15 most boring cars money can buy

Suck the verve right out of your drive with these yawn-inducing rides.



May 9, 2012 11:40AM

Wow for the writer naming an outdoor activity with a car type has to be the dumbest pairing to do. 
May 10, 2012 7:11PM
What kook thought up this list?!?   
Editor: "Hey you, kid, yeah you swinging the sign on the street corner."  
Kid: "Who me?" 
Editor: "Wanna write an article for MSN Autos?
Kid:  "I didn't graduate high school!"  
Editor: "It ok, you don't need to know anything about cars! Just do a web search and write about anything that pops up!"
May 9, 2012 5:09PM
I'm an avid adventurer and own a F250. This list is either blatant paid marketing or blatant retardation. With the exception of hauling boats or ATV's, all you really need for any "adventure"  is a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, preferably Rubicon edition. Although they have become the chariot of the yuppie, they are still extremely capable off-road. If money is an issue, my old full-size bronco w/ tires & lockers never failed me.
May 9, 2012 3:40PM
May 9, 2012 3:49PM
May 9, 2012 12:30PM

I kind of agree, but in a general way.  It would be ridiculous to try hauling a boat to the lake with an undersized car, and cargo space is a player on some activities.  A F150/1500 size truck will fit most of these activities.  Maybe a Jeep Wrangler for more off road areas or a Nissan XTerra for someone who needs a vehicle for in town use as well as sports, but those would cover almost all regular sporting activities. Most of us can't afford a Volvo and the Element is ugly and useless.

May 9, 2012 3:52PM

One of the worst lists I have ever seen assembled! I say YES to the Jeep, F150, Ram, and Subaru... However,how can any outdoor list not consist of the FJ, Xterra, or Tacoma?! Just goes to show they will let any weekend warrior (wannabee) write about outdoor stuff...

May 9, 2012 12:21PM

I agree with the guy before me. None of these vehicle fit the sport. Some yupies must be getting paid to comment on these vehicles.

Jun 13, 2012 12:21PM
A Forester for rock climbing? I think A Jeep would be better to get you to the rocks! Then you can rock climbb in the Jeep!:)
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