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15 'extremes' of the truck world15 'extremes' of the truck world

Standout pickups — from horsepower and torque to mileage and towing.



Dec 19, 2011 6:39AM

I don't condsider the Scion or Soul to be crossovers. They're just tall cars.


AWD should be mandatory for something to be considered a crossover.

Jul 11, 2012 11:09PM
I am a Used Car Dealer and Wholesaler that buys and sells upwards of 30 cars a month. I drive and know them all and here is my short list in order. Best vehicle performance and values.

Ford Edge/Mazda CX7s
Nissan Murano
Subaru Forester/Outback (Tie take your preference)
Hyundai Tuscon/Kia Sportage
Ford Escape 2013 (even the 2012 isn't too bad)
Hyundai Santa Fe/Kia Sorento

BMW X5's and X3's are superb, but I am focused on Value and they are priced much higher than these.

Rav4 and CRVs are ok, but they are over priced and under featured now. Toyota and Honda are resting on their laurels, lowering quality, content, materials,  and features with the Yen exchange disadv in a bid to increase profits and margins and it's back-firing on them. Domestics and Hyundai/Kia are not just closing in, they are leaving them behind.

Rogues are awful, super noisy and just a half hearted attempt at a mini Murano but they just don't come close to the Murano.  Jukes are OK, but, over-priced and under sized. Add them both to the pile of unsold Nissan Kubes and Versa's.

Tiguan's are nice vehicles but nobody wants to drive a car with a name they can't remember or pronounce right? Name the VW minivan, quickly.... I rest my case... 

Apr 8, 2012 9:09AM
I have the top of the line Equinoz LTZ....The interior noise is so loud it is actually hard to carry on a conversation at highway speed. it's a real noise bucket and doesn't even come close to the gas mileage they state. My other car is a a Ford Edge, quiet, more comfortable and gets the gas mileage stated. Excellent vehicle, if your deciding between an Edge and a Equinox...hands down the Edge
Mar 11, 2012 9:31AM
I just don't understand, when the Pontiac Aztek came out, it was talked about so badly because it was so ugly that it didnt last on the market, but yet this thing, the Nissan Juke is by far uglier than the aztek ever dared to be, but everyone loves it? what the hell?
Jan 4, 2012 5:30PM
They are the best bang for the buck. Try buying a larger crossover and see how much it will cost you. I love muscle cars and own large sedans, but these cars just make sense for small families and commuters. That Kia will get you where you need to go cheap! I'd rather be in a stang or GTO, but in today's world if you need a little space and better gas mileage then its the way to go. Tell your kids to save their money and buy a value car. Flaunting nowadays seems quite worthless in most circles.
Mar 11, 2012 7:46AM
The Juke is NOT what it is advertised.  I have a 2 WD and average only 22 MPG.  In Economy mode it cant get out of the way fast enough to cross traffic. Handles good turning radius good but everything else is lacking.  Nissan & dealership is happy with the MPG and wont stand behind EPA estimates.  SAVE YOUR MONEY.  DO NOT BUY A JUKE!!!
Apr 7, 2012 6:39AM
Why do they continute to leave Hyundai off of these lists? Great cars, great warranty, great price. Keep leaving them off the list so the prices stay reasonable for those of us who know how excellent these cars are. Love the Santa Fe - will never go back to any other company!
Dec 18, 2011 5:31PM
At least half of these vehicles are just plain ungainly and ugly.  The Juke (didn't ANYONE research the source of that name??) looks like it'd already been through its crash tests when the design was finished. The front end of the Sportage reminds me of the "rictus grin" of a fake corpse on CSI or Bones.  And the Scion appears to have come down with some horrible genetic disease that's making its sheet metal grow over its windows. By contrast the RAV4, Outback, and Journey may be kinda conventional, even vanilla, but at least they don't look like some hulking steroid abuser. 
Sep 2, 2012 10:16AM
nissan needs to scrap the Juke its just an ugly useless thing
Jan 7, 2012 11:29AM
MSN and the general public just will NEVER get it. Seven of these POS are simply terrible and a waste of your money. Seems like the rave of today is to push rice scrap no matter how bad or ugly it is. Maybe its the promotion propaganda and all the cover-ups that cause stupid people to buy them.
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