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Sep 22, 2011 3:13AM
The Odyssey is the reigning big daddy in the minivan world,

In what way?  It's certainly not in terms of sales figures.  The Dodge Grand Caravan alone outsells the Odyssey, and when you add to that Chrysler Town & Country sales (and even the Chrysler-built VW Routan), Chrysler sells more minivans than anyone by a wide margin.  Chrysler has been the minivan sales leader in the U.S. since it invented the segment back in MY1984.  There's a reason for that.  It's because they're the best value with more repeat customers than any of the others.  It's certainly not because people flock to Chrysler naturally.  Chrysler minivans have simply proven themselves with 13,000,000 units over the last 27 years.  That probably explains why the Chrysler Town & Country has won J D Power's owner loyalty award as well as J D Power's 2011 Highest Initial Quality award for a minivan.  Better than Honda.  Better than Toyota.  Better than Hyundai/Kia.  In other words, THE BEST. 

Sep 22, 2011 11:50AM
MSN Autos... You're saying the Jaguar XF is a great buy when its ranked in the "Least Reliable" category by Consumer Reports. A quick Google search brought up tons of complaints on this car. Jaguar has a long reputation of building crap cars, but people still buy them because they are pretty. Do your research people  
Sep 22, 2011 10:20AM
I dont understand who would pay $44k+ for a VW Toureg ??!! For that money I would rather get ANY OTHER LUXURY SUV!!!!!
Sep 22, 2011 3:27PM

I own the Escalade and Alex is right  some people need the room and dont care about mpg.I love my Cadilac and I love that I helped keep the USA working.You morons who cant find a job,you drive a Japanese car,wear clothes from China and you wonder why we have high unemployment....BUY AMERICAN if you want a future.

Sep 22, 2011 5:40PM

Buy American and stop the decline of are country....

Sep 22, 2011 9:34PM
According to you guys: Best=foreign auto. Worst=American auto. Well geez, I wonder why? American autos are at least as good as their foreign counterparts, and in many case much better. The fact is that raters like MSN don't know what they're talking about.
Sep 22, 2011 11:01AM
I refuse to buy or spend the money on a car that will not last me more than 5 years without some major built in mechancial problems and that costs more than some houses I have looked at...
Sep 22, 2011 10:45AM
I have never had the worst experience with a car than owning a VW Touareg- I've had it for 1 year and already have had the Range control/left front leveling sensor go faulty, cruise control stopped working, EPC light is on due to a 'faulty switch' the front drive shaft go bad and get replaced.  I hate this vehicle.  Do not buy!
Sep 22, 2011 2:25PM
Whoa please tell me how you got this gig.  When I saw the teaser I thought you had some really good deals to bring to light.  You know as much about the auto industry as my dog.  Why would Cadillac still make the Escalade?  Because there are some folks out there who need the room, don't mind the mpg's and like the looks.   Furthermore low interest rates aren't a deal maker or breaker, if you got the money to plunk down on the CTS Z, financing probably isn't an issue. Go to Autoweek and educate yourself about cars before writing foolish articles like this one.
Sep 22, 2011 11:40AM

Another **** story with false misleading information about the auto industry!!!

James where did you get this BS from dude! Yea the biggest discounts are on overpriced luxury cars? Man your good Im glad everybody knows now!!!! What a life saver!!!!!



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