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Ragtop buyers: Old, rich and smart(© Ford Motor Company)Ragtop buyers: Old, rich and smart

Study finds most convertible buyers are over 45 with incomes above $175K.

GM recalls 718,000 US vehicles(© General Motors)GM recalls 718,000 US vehicles

A rash of problems affects many 2011-2015 General Motors models.

Chrysler recalls nearly 800K Jeeps(© Chrysler Group LLC)Chrysler recalls nearly 800K Jeeps

Recall is for a faulty ignition switch, similar the problem plaguing GM.

14 worst cars of the decade(© Mitsubishi)14 worst cars of the decade

Vehicles that make us scratch our heads and ask: Why?

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Federal prosecutors are now after a former Ford engineer for planting voice recorders in meeting rooms.
By Clifford Atiyeh 4 hours ago
Motorized tank on wheels uses camera, software to analyze where a fish may want to go.
By Douglas Newcomb 6 hours ago

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