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Mercedes B-Class: First drive review(© Mercedes-Benz USA)Mercedes B-Class: First drive review

Going green the Mercedes way

Fun cars for daily driving(© Hyundai Motor America)Fun cars for daily driving

With today’s cars there’s no reason to be bored behind the wheel.

Latest buzz on plug-in cars(© BMW Group)Latest buzz on plug-in cars

Shopping for a new plug-in hybrid or EV? You have plenty of choices.

Top 20 most fuel-efficient AWD SUVs(© Editors)Top 20 most fuel-efficient AWD SUVs

Today, going AWD doesn’t have to mean taking a hit on mileage.

Top 5 Fuel-Efficient Vehicles*

*Based on EPA fuel-economy data for highway driving.

About Fuel Efficiency

With budgets tight, gas prices in flux and fuel economy on everyone’s mind, it’s more important than ever to possess the latest information on fuel-efficient vehicles and energy-saving technologies. Gone are the glory days of the gas-guzzling big rig, replaced instead by a new sensitivity (and sensibility) to driving vehicles that deliver more for less, all while being easier on the planet and pocketbook. Thanks to ongoing advances in engine, transmission and production technologies, the coming generation of fuel-efficient vehicles may also be cheaper to own and maintain. So whether it’s a fuel-sipping gas-engined model, an MPG-smashing diesel or any number of exciting new possibilities, MSN Autos’ Fuel Efficiency section is your key to getting more out every gallon of fuel. Look here for the latest reviews of fuel-efficient cars, trucks and SUVs, along with fuel-saving tips and helpful tools to help you go that extra mile.


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