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Best garage finds ever(© Simon Clay Photography Ltd.)Best garage finds ever

Rare and expensive vehicles and the stories behind their discovery.

2015 Ford Mustang GT: First Test(© Ford Motor Company)2015 Ford Mustang GT: First Test

Ponycar cure for a broken heart

Ford Mustang EcoBoost: First Test(© Ford Motor Company)Ford Mustang EcoBoost: First Test

New turbo-four tested, dyno'd

Weird, unique automotive records(© WaterCar Inc.)Weird, unique automotive records

Some notable records and events that didn't necessarily make the news.

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Next to the purchase of a home, buying a new car is the second largest investment most people ever make. Despite the substantial costs involved, many consumers plunge headlong into the buying process without enough direction. The Buying Advice area of MSN Autos provides an up-to-date collection of helpful advice articles that contain tips and guidance to help you get the most for your hard-earned dollars. Whether it’s tips on negotiating with sellers, advice on how to find the right vehicle or the latest reviews of the hottest new rides, you’ll find them here. With so much wrapped up in your next car purchase, make sure you have all the facts before walking through that showroom door.


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