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Jan 30, 2013 5:05AM
And that's wrong also.... They still would have had their jobs. The difference is the unions (UAW)paid themselves off with the money, then GM had to take another 22 Bill for the company.. And.. Bush Passes the TARP... He did not spend it so the incoming Idiot would have it..... Obama Spent it!.. Get your facts straight and stop taking what CNN and the rest(George Soros)is pushing
Jan 29, 2013 12:00AM
No... You are wrong...GM took 50 Billion,,, then declared bankruptcy... That 50 got flushed when Obama, backdoored the tarp $$ so the UAW could pay off their people to retire, or whatever they did early. They came back for an additional 22 bill in stocks.. paid 8 billion back... Obama gave them the remaining 12 billion in stock back to GM eliminating the debt... You can paint that rock anyway you want... GM and the UAW hosed the American Taxpayer.. If this would have went thought the Bankruptcy courts, this theft of american taxpayer monies, would not have happened. And yes, unlike the Democrats', Crap message....GM would still be in business!
Jan 26, 2013 1:45PM
The issue was never about saved jobs @GM... It was all about OBAMA bypassing the courts so the UAW could do whatever they wanted with the 50 Billion they paid everyone off with. At the taxpayers expense.
Jan 26, 2013 12:49PM
An Indianapolis company showed a bolt-on hybrid kit that converts standard IC engine cars and trucks to hybrids for a lot less. The company is ECHO Automotive (ECAU) and their unit doubles the gas mileage of light trucks and vans. The target markets are USPS (220,000 vehicles), UPS, FEDEX, and 100s of other local delivery vehicles. It is immediately available, no waiting for development, and represents a real means to reduce oil consumption now. I think it was shown at the Detroit show but it is not mentioned here. Why not? It's a heck of a lot more newsworthy than electric Cadillacs, BMWs, Vettes, Porsches, Jags, Teslas, and all the rest of the 6 digit carriages normal people cannot afford. And you missed another truly newsworthy story, Kim Kardashian's bump. The media has lost its rudder and is sailing in circles.
Jan 26, 2013 6:42AM
GeeeeWhiiizz, I guess i made a mistake and misspelled BELIEVERS while telling a story of one of my Grandfathers inventions to help the nation with dollar saving and clean transportation back in the fifties. I thought with some of the GENIUSES on here, there would be some kind of insight as to why inventions such as this are not allowed to surface. But all that has managed to come up was a word was misspelled. It's not the first i've misspelled and it probably won't be the last. I guess I have my answer as to why great inventions are left buried. My Grandfather used his skills to teach me how to make a living in this country. I've done more in my life than most of you. I'm also successful in life. I Thank and Love my Grandfather for all he had given me. How many of you can actually and truthfully say that. The world we live in today is your world...the world that let's men marry men,women marry women,drugs becoming legal,children killing children,President Obama leading the way to what could easily become socialism for our country. Taxing the rich giving to the poor, so the poor will become poorer and the rich become poorer. Yep, and all yer worried about is a word I misspelled. Well, at least yer a very intelligent, positive,and productive part of our society,as maybe you are thinkin. I'm thinkin yer a moron.HAAAAHAHA!!!. Oh yeah, i misspelled a few words,can you find them?
Jan 24, 2013 3:57PM
   Nothing that requires subsidies to build or stay in business is anything more than an expensive experiment  ,  nor will I participate in said experiments until they no longer need a subsidy to stay in business .  That includes alternate fuel vehicles ,  windmills ,  solar cells ,  and all the other subsidized " advances "  coming down the pike .  Fact is , except for ,  farmers dealing with flood , drought or other natural vagaries , I take offense at ALL government subsidies .
Jan 24, 2013 5:43AM
The diesels hybrids in europe get over 110 mpg, guess we'll have to catch up
Jan 23, 2013 11:35PM
The Mercedes-Benz Smart, built in France, is the only thing worth looking at in the Detroit Auto Show. It's the only car that shows real technological change and a glimpse of the future. The others are crap. Smart has partnered with BASF to embed solar cell film into the carbon fiber body. While GM products are designed to crush in like a tin can and get you injured or killed, the Smart is built like a Mack truck. I can't wait to see this product in late 2013. When Mercedes builds a concept they usually actually produce it. When GM builds a concept, it never sees the light of day or they change it so dramatically it doesn't function or look like the concept car. Ford is another manufacturer famous for recalls and defective products and ugly cars with zero resale value. This crap hits the streets and goes into the landfill after the first wreck. If Henry Ford was alive we would shoot him for selling his soul to BIG OIL and saddling us with gas-guzzling ugly cars forever. This company only survives because they self-finance for poor idiots who live in cracker boxes so they can drive $40,000 pickups that never carry anything. The U.S. needs to study Germany and learn how to design functional vehicles that people actually want that won't harm the environment. Cross your fingers that Fiat helps Chrysler evolve from concept cars with horrible mileage to concept cars with high mileage or electric drives.
Jan 23, 2013 11:25PM

It's not about Obama screwing over anyone. This money saved jobs. If Obama hadn't convinced the controlling GOP Congress to give it to him the GOP would have wasted it on muslims in Iraq or Afghanistan who hate us and will never change. Don't you think it's about time we started spending money at home? GM only makes a profit because of sales in China. Very easily they could manufacture everything cheaper in China and stop producing anything here. If they did, huge areas of Michigan would careen into ghettos. Millions would be out of work and on welfare or unemployment. That being said, I think GM is absolutely evil. The company has been in bed with the oil companies and crooked Republicans ever since the beginning and their products are horrible today, designed to fail and have zero resale value. The mileage is awful and never matches the sticker. Until the government gets real and orders the automakers to produce cars that get 100mpg, we will never see anything worth driving. Oil dependency needs to disappear. We don't need anymore baby Bush Sr's and Jr's who bled us dry at the trough of BIG OIL using their wealth to control politics for religious purposes and driving us straight into biblical armageddon again. Thank God Romney lost. Another idiot clone with six backwards clone kids who can't think for themselves except to control others through religion, politics and power. GM needs to change and Obama is the one to do it. Forget about Congress helping. This Congress is a bunch of worthless, greedy, hateful and rich bastards who care only about the wealthy and nothing about the middle class. Smart car, awesome job.

Jan 23, 2013 10:12PM
I'm a gear head for over thirty years when I was in school learning the trade one of my instructors told are class that in 30 years the fed gov would force us to buy smaller cars. how you ask they will start jacking up the gas prices so high that the high gas using vehicles will go buy buy to much $$$ to drive. so complain all you want but they will get you in a small car sooner than you think. And I'm happy to say FORD paid there own way so buy FORD!


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