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Nov 9, 2011 1:38PM
I feel the opposite of other posters, or should I say posers.  I drive a 49 chev pickup, bone stock. I love the old vintage feel. Yes the suspension and all the rest is not up to today's standards, That's what I love about it, driving at nite with those old yellow gauges telling you whats going on, kinda takes me back to my youth. If I want to go old school, then I want the genuine article. jmho.  Who nowadays even knows how to double clutch transmissions that were not synchro, most folks don't even know what I'm talking about, having never driven a stick. Sad state of affairs.
Nov 6, 2011 7:55PM
The yellow '32 Ford 3-window full fendered coupe's lrg. dia. "lace" wire wheels aren't black color.  Look closer & you may note that they are actually a dark brown.  It's hard to notice the subtle shade difference of the dark brown that appears to be black under the harsh, bright lighting of the L.V. conv. center building (I've done static photography there myself at past SEMA shows).  However, as good as this coupe looks on a computer monitor shot indoors, in person and outdoors it is even more impressive, as the yellow color is a much richer, butterscotch and the brown wheels w/the light beige/tan pinstriping bring the carmel brown interior color "outside" of the vehicle.  Definitely a different take on a commonly used platform that mixes traditional & contemporary styling w/out losing the original lines, look and feel of the coupe, i.e., it still looks like a Deuce 3 window coupe still.  The rarely ever used wire wheels gamble paid off, as it would've been easier to gain successful results w/a painted steelie w/caps or a polished alum. Halibrand or 5-spoke American Racing wheel, or facsimile thereof.  Nice seeing something different for a change that's not just different, but appealling as well.  This one may have enough integrity to maintain its' validity over the next few decades of style changes.  Is this the new "Resto Rod" coming out of retirment from the 1970's?
Nov 9, 2011 4:26PM
@gossip gangster:  People like you make me feel good driving my 6000 pound V8 powered 4 wheel drive gas sucking truck.  By you using little or no gas, more is available for guys and gals who like their ride whether it be new, old, modified or built from the ground up.
Nov 9, 2011 8:00AM

We are now in the era of restored original cars with no modifications, as the era of the hot rod has not caught on with most car enthusiasts under the age of 40. But, have you driven any of those restored old cars? It is like driving a horse and buggy compared to today's new cars, and is not a pleasant  experience with most of them. So, they are placed in storage and never driven, as that would harm their collection value.


But, with a nicely modified "32 Ford roadster or the like(mine is a '47 Chevy Coupe w/62 Corvette FI), with all modern drive train, steering/brakes, suspension, instrumentation, seating, sound and other modern can have the fun of a souped up hot rod plus the driving pleasure of a modern car. What could be better than that? You can keep your restored orginals and look at them once in a while. Not me, I prefer to drive my investment for actual fun.

Nov 9, 2011 1:57PM
There are  85 living recipients of The Medal of Honor, not 29 as stated.
Nov 9, 2011 1:26PM

You guys are right about the resto mods!


I had a 68 SS 396 Chevelle that I got back in 74 and kept it all original until selling it in 07. The car was great for around town and on the freeway but it pushed something terrible. It split a rocker arm at around 70k so had to rebuild the engine. Louie Unser happened to be in the shop while my mechanic was assessing the damage. Louie scribbled up a list of parts for me to pick up from the speed shop. I thanked him for the parts list and got the needed parts. That car would launch like nothing I had ever seen before. It just wouldn't stop or corner worth a ____! The kids loved to go for ride knowing that I'd hit the hammer and they would be thrust into the back of their seat. It was fun to tool around in it as people would be ogling the car and the lope of the cam would be a deterrent to any one.  I would have loved to upgraded the suspension and hang disc brakes on all four corners. That would have made it much more civilized. A hopped up V8, auto trans, a/c and the right underpinnings would have made it an awesome car.


With all of the after market upgrades available now you can make a fairly nice handling muscle car.

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