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Could iconic Mustang go hybrid?Could iconic Mustang go hybrid?

Downsized engines, e-turbos, hybrids and other options all under study?



Mar 5, 2014 10:05AM
I can't believe with all the cars listed, you throw in a Honda CR-Z.  One of these is not like the others.  Seriously. 
Mar 6, 2014 3:56AM
do you want to pay twice the price of these already overpriced cars ? I think not .
Mar 6, 2014 5:19AM
They forgot about the Buick Lacrosse EAssist that has a 4 cylinder engine backed up with an electric one to get 38 mpg on the highway. The price is $37,000 off the Buick web site. It has been around since 2012.
Mar 6, 2014 4:18AM

At least half of these cars are $100k plus, and all but one is over $40-$50k.  That just about puts this entire list out of reach for a lot of people. The one cheap one is a redo from the 80s and 90s.  Which ironically wasn't billed a hybrid or anything special but still got 20 more mpg than this one.  I knew lots of people that had CRXs back then and they all got consistently got over 45 mpg, most of them got over 50 mpg.

Mar 6, 2014 3:14AM
Nice looking cars, can't imagine the maintenance expense on these battery wonders. 
Mar 6, 2014 5:53AM
Very interesting that they decided to totally skip over the Lincoln MKZ hybrid. I have one and it beats most of these, and does it all at an affordable price too. It's a great car and gets 35MPG around town and over 40 on the road. Never have to plug it in either! 
Mar 6, 2014 5:37AM

really, a honda that gets 34 mpg?  wow.  how underwhelming.  all hondas have sporting intentions, you should have included the accord hybrid.  oh wait, the RLX is...nevermind. 



Mar 6, 2014 5:58AM

Electric cars will never be mass marketable until they can go further than 100miles w/o needing a charge and for a price equivalent to a gas model. The Hybrid is a nice idea, as a go between, but it's still not what the average person wants.

These cars might be fun to look at, but the average car buyer can't afford them.

Mar 6, 2014 7:09AM
The BMW 3-Series Hybrid only gets 1 MPG better than a standard 3-Series in real world driving.  Yeah, that will save the planet.
Aug 3, 2014 9:35AM
The "day of the EV" will be here WHEN they cost the same as a gas vehicle, without taxing the gas vehicle more than an EV, and without the EV being supplemented by tax money a gas vehicle doesn't get.  Forcing them in doesn't make it the day of the EV.  It makes it a socialist country.  How about range and speed of recharge/refuel?  When those match up, it might be the "day of the EV."  I can gas up my evil gas car in 5 minutes.  How about you volt enthusiasts?  I get the same mileage (roughly) up and down hills, mountains, in winter and summer.  How about that Tesla?  My wife's ($22,000) Mazdaspeed 3 will go 400 miles on a fill up, it can run 150 mph...and takes 5 minutes to fill.  How about your plug in EV?  The "day of the EV is coming."  When the above things are equal.  Not one day sooner.
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