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Oct 13, 2012 6:36AM
i'll stick with my Yugo, it rolls nicely down hills, looks good sitting in my driveway and it has a rear window defroster that keeps my wifes hands warm while she's pushing me in it...
Sep 13, 2012 9:20AM

Isn't the New Beetle the same car you featured in your article "10 Great Cars Under 5 Grand?"

Oct 10, 2012 5:39AM


MSN Autos article from Sept 2012 - '10 Great Cars Under 5 Grand' - the Volkswagen New Beetle


MSN Autos article from Oct 2012 - '10 Used Cars To Avoid' - yep, the Volkswagen New Beetle


Excellent work MSN Autos....



Oct 10, 2012 3:17AM

I believe that the person writing this has very little if any knowledge of what he or she is talking about. We use Dodge Mini Vans in our business they have all gone well over 250,000 miles with very little maintenance. My wife used her Town & Country on her mail route went over 300,000 miles. I’m on my second Jeep Grand Cherokee that has over 278,000 miles on it with only minor maintenance and repairs. My first a 2003 had over 260,000 miles on it when I traded it in and I still see it on the today. This article is about as inaccurate as I have seen!


Oct 13, 2012 7:23AM

What, no Corvette or Camaro? They are certainly on my list.  This european crap that is way over priced and unreliable makes the list? Owning two automotive repair shops, we see all makes and models and I have to say that the Euros are the worst for cost of repairs compared to the Domestics and Japanese.  The reliability of the Mercedes infused dodge products is not so good either.... Once again European engineering.  By far, the best cost,  reliability and preformance ratio goes to GM, but for some reason they never seem to get credit for this?  The cost of repairs or maintenance on any vehicle is expensive these days and consumers should fiqure this into their budget when shopping for their vehicle.. 

 As a shop owner, I question how somepeople complain about the cost and reliability of repairs and maintenance, but at the same time have no problem buying a new car for $30-40K and dont change the oil for 25K miles?  Our Grand parents had a much better since of maintaing their vehicles.  Maintaining your vehicle properly will equal better reliability and longevity no matter which brand you own. 

Aug 31, 2012 3:51AM

Hmmm, 10 used cars to avoid - 5 of which are German. 

What's surprising is that there's not more than 5.

Sep 13, 2012 6:57PM
and If you site Consumer Reports  for Your research Then you truly are out of Touch they are by far the worst magazine ever, they only say bad things about items that companies did not pay CR for and they are supposed to be Non Profit My A$$.
Oct 10, 2012 12:50AM

Don't rely on Consumer Reports for accuracy.  Chryslers are KEPT and thus need

more repair, owned mostly by conservative people who don't like to fill the dump. 

Consumer Reports gave a bad review to front-loading washing machines in the

early 80's.  Their techniques of hiring people who have never used the product to

evaluate it is not as reliable as one who has used the product for years! 


I'm a Dodge girl (1969 wagon), and had a front-loader for years (the older ones

were better!) 


Aug 30, 2012 5:18PM
did anyone take into account the level of abuse many of the cars on this list take?
Sep 2, 2012 3:08AM
I have owned chrysler products for awhile now. I have owned a Durango and 2 town & counties. They both have a very smooth ride to me. I have had no major problems out of any of them. If you treat a vehicle badly then you get what you deserve. Oh by the way I don't let any grass grow under my vehicle when I drive. I see people babying vehicles all the time that shouldn't be babied and that causes most of their problems.
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