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Audi first to get autonomous permitAudi first to get autonomous permit

Google, Mercedes also can now test self-driving tech in California.



Jan 1, 2012 1:53PM
commuter cars shouldn't cost $40000. It still makes more sense to buy a used honda civic, chevy cobalt, or any other compact car before blowing 40 large on this thing. A 30 mile commute round trip in a day at $4.00 gallon= 20$ week =just over 1000$ year on gas you'll take 30 years to save enough money on gas to justify buying this thing, and that's not figuring the $20-50 bump in the power bill from charging this thing. If they can get this thing to retail at 20K then chevy would be selling the $hit out of these things.

Dec 30, 2011 9:41AM

Nice commentary. However, I am not a big fan of the car, but this article's snub of the Chevy Cruz is a little blatant. Not to mention, the only mention of Honda, is the brief mention of the CRZ.


What were the criteria used to create this "Stellar Commuter Car" article? -neat cars Griffey liked?  I wonder if he has ever hit an American Highway in a Fiat 500 (70mph+) or tried merging with the new Prius V. Lets get it together MSN Autos.    


Jan 1, 2012 2:44PM
Who writes your auto columns? The feminine hygiene editor? Miserable.......
Jan 4, 2012 2:36PM
I find it interesting the selection of vehicles choosen here. Electric and hybrids do me no good in their current limitations for my 150 mile a day commute on the highways of California. But even the gas models shown here can't convince me to go out and purchase a new car given that my manual 01 honda civic with 250k miles on it averages 37mpg and its paid off... If I'm going to start making payments again on a new car it needs to have a whole lot more than just new body style and paint. Shoot most of the ones shown here dont even have the same interior room as my civic, not to mention most havent shown their ability for longevity yet either. Some people might say it would be nice to have all the new technology gadgets.... hmm well I already have a bluetooth, new stereo that is better than most standard in new cars, and a gps unit... AC and heat still work... Only thing missing that I would like is traction control for winter but even that isnt a standard on most of these cars shown here. So till the car makers can truly make it worth my while and my hard earned money to part with it I will cruise down the road in my old paid off still running getting great gas mileage Honda Civic.
Jan 4, 2012 1:30PM
Why didn't the 2012 Focus make the list? I have one and I get around 370mi on a 12.4 Gallon tank. And that is mostly city driving. When I do allot of freeway miles I get over 400mi on a tank. And the stupid Fiat should make the list for top ugliest cars.

@frumple MSN has deleted some of my posts in the past that had great valid points and got many thumbs up. I often wonder who is doing the deleting.

Jan 4, 2012 1:44PM
The Fiat 500 is made in Mexico with cheap labor. It's really an Mexican import, not an Italian import. The 2011 models did not come with a spare. It was a dealer-installed option, and it is not good to have dealers drilling holes in your trunk. Not sure if this has changed with the 2012 model year. The car is very small - the backseat is worthless  - and only gets 32 mph even though it is light. The engine, as reported by numerous car magazine and professional reviewers, has too little power and no pep. Other manufacturers have succeeded at getting quick responses from small engines. This car sells for $19,995 to $25,000, when it should sell for $15,000. The Abarth - turbo version - is faster but even more overpriced. Fiat's profit margin on this car has to be obscene. It is not a good value. There are many better alternatives for less money. Fiat should not have streamlined the original design, a classic among automobile designs.
Jan 7, 2012 5:46AM


All of those cars cost way more than what I would pay..

My 11 year old Honda Accord V6 gets me around just fine...

Bought used 8 years ago, no payments, get 28 mpg on hwy, about 23 around city...

Oh Well, Each to their own, but my money is used for better  things ....

Jan 1, 2012 2:02PM

knox, only the interior of the new jetta was cheapend. all other vw's have upscale materials making them feel like lux cars. vw has had quality issues in past but have made improvements. all my friends love there cars and have  nothing falling off. Also small cars have come a long way and most are great on highway and back roads. Most modern sub-compacts are not the cracker boxes of old.

I do feel this is a bad list though. My great commuter cars









and if you need awd the new 2012 impreza is good with improved mpg

i could do a way better job at msnauto than who is doing it now.

It does not seem like an car person is writing here. Just about anyone could do better than some of the articles ive read here.

Jan 10, 2012 11:17AM

Best commuter cars are the ones you can afford and the ones that don't cost you your job. Gas mileage varies according to what you can afford. Most of my friends who commute drive older 4cyclinder Camrys and older Sentras, Civics and Corrolas. Tell these young kids not to buy high end commuters - they are "throw aways"  after six years of hard commuting.


It doesn't matter what you drive, paliton. An 18 wheeler will clean any cars clock  in a 30 mph zone, even a large SUV.


Jan 8, 2012 3:47PM
whoever writes this **** hasnt a brain in his head
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